Friday, 30 November 2012

PARK CLOSURE DUE TO BAD WEATHER : Friday, 30 November 2012

Global Village has announced  that it is suspending operations and closing the park to visitors because of forecast bad weather including storms and rain.  The temporary closure of the park is a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of visitors to Global Village and the thousands of individuals who work at the site.

The decision has been made following the advice of Civil Defense and Dubai Police in the wake of forecasts from meteorological experts by the competent authorities.

Global Village CEO Saeed Ali Bin Redha commented: “The health and safety of our thousands of visitors and staff and exhibitors working at Global Village is always our number one priority. Because of the forecast weather we have taken the decision in advance to close Global Village as a temporary measure.

“Meanwhile our specialized team on site will be working to ensure that every relevant action is taken to minimize the potential impact of bad weather and ensure the safety of buildings and facilities.  As soon as we receive advice that it is safe to reopen the Park we will do so at the earliest available opportunity.”

Union Festival Celebrations Continue at Global Village

Preparations to Launch “My Blood for My Country” Campaign at Global Village
Saudi Pavilion Hosts Heaviest Book in the World “This is Muhammad (PBUH)”

Dubai, 30 November, 2012:  Within the framework of social responsibilities and coinciding with the country’s 41st National Day celebrations and Union Festival, Global Village, the region’s leading cultural, entertainment and shopping destination is preparing to provide services and facilities to host “My Blood for My Country”. A blood donation campaign which was launched by HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, which will take place at Global Village on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

In addition to the entertainment, folk and cultural shows, Global Village will also focuse on the humanitarian and social issues. The blood donation campaign; My Blood for My Country, was launched in co-ordination with Dubai Health Authority and Al Ameen – Dubai Police. The campaign also includes many activities, blood donation and signing a contract between the three parts for an awareness campaign through Emarat Al Youm newspaper and modern communication means.

Upon his highness’ directions, the blood donation campaign, My Blood for My Country, expands to all the other Emirates. He assured that blood donation is the best gift a national or a resident can ever give as a token of appreciation to a beloved country, especially, knowing that there are people who need every drop of blood for surviving.

As part of the Union Festival celebrations, the Saudi pavilion at Global Village, is hosting the largest book in the world “This is Muhammad” (PBUH). The book was launched on 27 February 2012 and has toured the UAE, making various stops before it arrived at its destination in the Saudi Islamic Museum located inside the KSA pavilion at Global Village. The book arrived to its destination on the 28th of November 2012, and the stop aims at gathering 1 million signatures in the love of the prophet of Islam. 

The book gained 5 certifications from Guinness World Book of Records as the longest, widest,  heaviest, most expensive and largest book in the world. The book weighs 1500 Kilos, with an area of 43 square meters, 5 meters wide and 8.6 meters long. It took three years to write the book, at a cost of 11 million AED. The book’s pages were made in Germany from eco friendly materials with a mix of flex, paper and fabric for durable properties to survive in different weather conditions and without deteriorating. 

Moreover, all Global Village pavilions and their surroundings are decorated and lit with the colors of the UAE flag in celebration of National Day. Many pavilions have come a long way to creatively decorate their surroundings. One such example is the Kuwaiti pavilion as it joins the UAE in its celebrations. Other pavilions include; India, Syria, Iraq and many more.  

Global Village is getting ready to receive more visitors to enjoy the festivities, especially on the 1st and 2nd of December, as Union Festival marks the longest cultural, folk and entertainment national celebrations of the 41st National Day in the UAE to date. 

Postponed La Martina Argentina Cup 2012 to Saturday 1st November 2012

Please be advised that in conjunction with the Embassy of Argentina, La Martina, Polo Players and Management of the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, the La Martina Argentina Polo Cup 2012 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been postponed from today (Friday 30th November) to tomorrow (Saturday 1stNovember 2012).
This is due to the safety of Polo Players and horses that the polo fields cannot be played on due to the recent heavy rain. The fields will be closed today (Friday 30th November, 2012).
We apologise for any convenience that this may cause, but we look forwarding to welcoming you to the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club tomorrow to watch and experience the La Martina Argentina Polo Cup 2012, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to celebrate the 41st National Day of the United Arab Emirates.
Details as follows: Saturday 1st November 2012 – Palermo Terrace
                Time: 2.30pm                     Teams:  VILLA ROMANA vs. DR. A POLO
                Time: 3.30pm                     Teams:  BIN DRAI POLO vs. RHINO'S


Time: 5.00pm

TAT Launches “Amazing Thailand” Official LINE Account, Offers Fun Stickers for Download until Dec 26

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched its “Amazing Thailand” official LINE account to help travellers receive the latest real-time information about the kingdom’s tourism activities and promotions on their smartphones. The information will be available for travellers who are already in Thailand as well as target travellers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The “Amazing Thailand” official LINE account fun stickers can be downloaded from now until 26 December 2012.
An ‘Official LINE Account’ is a feature which allows businesses to send messages directly to LINE users who have added their account as a ‘friend.’ These Official Accounts enable businesses to reach LINE’s users around the world. As a smartphone is always connected and on the users person, businesses can directly reach their customers in real-time, as against Twitter and Facebook where users mainly follow timelines for sent information. This new service from LINE alerts the users instantly through push notifications, meaning that businesses can expect a high number of viewers. Companies also can use their original ‘Business Stickers’ featuring their logo/characters when communicating with users.
Mr. Suraphon Svetasreni, Governor of the TAT, said that the expanded communication effort is part of the TAT’s strategy to make increased use of social media to engage with travellers worldwide. Travellers who join the “Amazing Thailand” Official LINE Account will be able to download 16 Amazing Thailand stickers of Sukjai and friends, which will increase the fun of chatting with their friends. 

Come to the Polo this Friday!

The La Martina Cup will conclude this Friday and Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club near Arabian Ranches.
Qualification for finals day has been underway the last few days. The subsidiary final which gets play underway on Finals Day will start at 2.30 and it sees Dr A Polo take on Villa Romana. Both these teams started the week well beating the finalist last monday but in the Semi Final on wednesday they both came up short in exciting matches. Villa Romano lost by a single goal when Stuart Wrigley's Rhinos beat the 8-7 to make the final. Defending Champions Bin Drai Polo qualified with a half goal victory after a tight match against Dr A Polo where they eventually one 4 - 3.5 goals.

So at 3.30pm this Friday all eyes will be on the Dubai Polo Ground to find out who will triumph. Bin Drai Polo have shown great form but it will be a tight affair and having seen the exciting attack form of Rhinos. Bin Drai will aim to retain the La Martina Cup and we really look forward to it.

An afternoon at the polo in Dubai is a great day out and I encourage spectators to go and witness this exciting final.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

TNS Survey Reveals Today’s Emirati Women Emerging as Hallmarks of National Identity, Progress and Social Responsibility and Highly Satisfied with Quality of Life

‘Emirati women possess a strong sense of national identity and humanitarian duty, continue to reach the higher echelons of academia and workforce, and are highly satisfied with their overall quality of life and safety’
TNS’s Steve Hamilton-Clark

Emirati women have a strong allegiance to the nation, are ready to support humanitarian initiatives, value education and are serious about making in-roads in the workplace, according to Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO of TNS MENA, the world’s largest custom market research organisation.

“Without exception, Emirati women expressed a strong sense of belonging to the UAE . When it comes to humanitarian activities like blood donation, donation of goods or spending time with the needy, 72 per cent mentioned doing so in the last three months,” Hamilton-Clark said.

Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO of TNS MENA revealed that the Emirati women have a strong allegiance to the nation, are ready to support humanitarian initiatives, value education and are serious about making in-roads in the workplace. The findings have come from the UAE Citizen survey by TNS comprising of a representative sample of 5,000 citizens.
The survey also confirmed that academic achievements of local females continue to rise, with 57 per cent of respondents aged between 25-34 years holding a university degree or technical diploma, compared to just 20 per cent over fifty.

“Emirati women are fast establishing themselves as an integral part of the nation’s workforce with 55 per cent of young women between 25 and 34 years of age currently employed, and eight out of ten happy with the career trajectory offered by their current position,” Hamilton-Clark said.

He also observed that in an age where safety of women is a concern in many parts of the world, the results from the UAE were particularly comforting. 

“Emirati women revealed a high degree of comfort when it comes to personal safety with 97 per cent of respondents stating that they were either satisfied or very satisfied, prompting a 91 per cent consensus appreciating the overall quality of life.”

The research findings are an extract from a representative survey into the attitudes and perspectives of UAE nationals conducted by TNS in 2012 across the UAE.  

“It’s safe to concur that Emirati women possess a strong sense of national identity and humanitarian duty, continue to reach the higher echelons of academia and workforce, and are highly satisfied with their overall quality of life and safety,” he concluded. 

Polo on Friday - it should be excellent with top class action at Arabian Ranches Polo Field


Matthew Williamson celebrates 15 years in fashion with a retrospective collection of his most iconic looks. Exclusive to Moda Operandi, each silhouette embodies the Williamson signature aesthetic: embellished, vibrant, and glamorous. In these celebratory frocks, prepare to toast the designer—while being the toast of the town.

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The desert winds bring a little welcome chill to the New Year, so after such a frantic winter party season, isn’t it time you chill out? After all, the Christmas spirit has been fun filled with overindulgence, late nights and a break in your routine. If you’re feeling wiped out from the frenzy, your skin will be the first and most noticeable part of you that suffers.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Global Village Continues to Host Famous Singers

Union Festival’s Events until National Day
Arwa Ahmad, Diana Haddad, Ali Al Katheeri, Ali Al Naqbi and Fadhel Al Mazroui

Global Village, the region’s leading cultural, entertainment and shopping destination continues to host famous singers during Union Festival as UAE’s 41st National Day draws near. A Global Village first, Union Festival kicked off on the 22nd of November upon the directions of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, Global Village is all set to receiving a busy weekend of celebrations and entertainment.
Meanwhile, famous singers to be featured on the World Culture Stage are preparing their own schedule of best hits for National Day celebrations at Global Village.
The Emirati singer, Arwa Ahmad will perform on the 30th of November, for the second time, the young talented singer will be performing live at the theme park.
On the 1st of December, Diana Haddad will also perform a live concert on the World Culture Stage at Global Village. The renowned singer will be singing her most popular on demanded songs. This includes national Emirati songs, as well as Lebanese and Egyptian hits to entertain the audience and her fans on this occasion.     
On the 1st and 2nd of December, the two Emirati singers, Ali Al Katheeri and Ali Al Naqbi will be featured on World Culture Stage as well. They will both sing national songs for the love of the UAE in addition to the most popular songs featured on their best selling albums.
The well-known Emirati singer Fadhel Al Mazroui will culminate the celebratory performances by performing on World Culture Stage on National Day. 
Union Festival’s specially designed cultural shows and events will continue until the 2nd of December. This includes the Ukrainian Fire Show, fireworks, Serb Acrobatic Show, Arab and international folk dances, traditional competitions and Youla Contests (on Maydan Stage), special shows featuring Emirati cultural shows with Ayyala, Andiman, Liwa, Razfa, Noban Dances at the World Culture Stage.
Most pavilions and kiosks have contributed to the festival by hanging UAE flags and balloons in addition to hosting cultural shows within the respective pavilions.   
RTA is participating in the Union Festival by spreading awareness on public transport and how the establishment has developed throughout the years under the union. This awareness campaign commences on 29 November until 2 December and takes place at the kiosk located opposite Spain’s pavilion.
Union Festival has also attracted humanitarian initiatives. Al Ameen, Emarat Al Youm newspaper in coordination with Dubai Health Authority will be organizing a blood donation campaign at Global Village on the second and third of December. The blood donation campaign aims at attracting 200 donors, after which the blood will go to the blood bank of Dubai Blood Donation Centre. Global Village was chosen as the ideal destination for such a humanitarian initiative as it gathers people from all walks of life and it resembles a cultural hub.
Areesh huts at the theme park continue to resemble the Emirati hospitality by offering guests coffee and dates. Additionally, more than 30,000 gift items and giveaways are offered on the bases of first come first serve.
For more information please call: 3624114-04.

Monday, 26 November 2012


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DKNY Festive Glamour

Fall 2012
Festive Glamour
Trendy Colourful and Chic, DKNY has it all in store for dressing up this festive season. Find your look in dresses, blouses, pants and skirts in flaunting silhouettes in matte, sheer and glossy fabrics with lace and sequins to top it off. A wide range of handbags and shoes are available to compliment your outfit.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Evita Peroni chooses Dubai as largest retail location worldwide

Opening a new store in Dubai Marina Mall
The UAE continues to be a highly desirable location for global fashion brands attracting Internationally-known women’s fashion and accessories label, Evita Peroni to open its largest retail concept store in the world in Dubai.

Opened on the ground floor, the 956 sq. ft. new retail outlet at Dubai Marina Mall marks the second standalone boutique for Evita Peroni in the UAE and the ninth retail location for the brand in the region.
The new store which takes inspiration from the Orchid flower is a beautifully crafted concept store dedicated to offering women the finest in fashion accessories, styling and advice.

Speaking on the opening of the store Camilla Deichmann, CEO for Evita Peroni said, “The new store brings together a fresh retail concept with our most recent accessories collections. More than ever, women are naturally seeking the latest styles and trends for their accessories to either complete a specific look or add a touch of individuality to their current style. At Evita Peroni a woman can visit the store, browse the many collections and discover the endless variety of ways to create a look that is as feminine as it is individual.”

Since founding in 1988 in Copenhagen, Evita Peroni has continued to expand growing into a worldwide brand for the modern woman who wants stylish, fashionable and exclusive accessories.
Today, Evita Peroni has stores in over 40 locations across the globe.

Kids! Dance Your Way Into 2013 At James & Alex Dance Studios

**New Year Offer – save 10% on classes booked before 11th January**
Dubai, Thursday 22nd November 2012: Are your kids ready for an exciting and uplifting new challenge to start their year off with a bang? Then look no further than James & Alex Dance Studios.

The Children’s Programme is jam-packed with a variety of dance styles allowing your kids to have their moment to shine, whilst keeping fit and healthy! Located in the heart of Dubai Media City, classes are run for kids aged 3-16 years old. They offer the chance to skip into the New Year with graceful ballet, trendy hip hop, funky jazz, modern contemporary and even dynamic salsa!

After such an exciting Winter Holiday Season, the January Blues always like to creep up on us, which affects the kids, too. So shake those blues away with a dance move or three! Dance isn’t just about fun. Research shows that it’s also a fantastic way to improve a child’s self-confidence, improve their social skills and encourages better posture.

The Children’s Programme is split into four age groups and plays to the strengths of each individual, ensuring that all their needs are met. Classes will be held from January to March, following the school year calendar. 

Classes start from just AED 660 for 12 weeks of one hour dance sessions and unlike many dance schools in the region, James & Alex Dance Studios don’t charge registration fees. What’s more, book before Thursday 11th January and you’ll receive an additional 10% off class fees!

So are your kids ready to move and groove into 2013? Let them light up like a New Year firework at James & Alex Dance Studios.

For more information and to secure your child’s place, contact the studio directly on 04-4470773 or email

Sunny Varkey Receives Heriot-Watt Honorary Degree in presence of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahayan

Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan,
Sunny Varkey, Ammar Kaka & Steve Chapman
Dubai, UAE: November 22, 2012:  In the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan,  UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr Sunny Varkey,  Founder and Chairman of GEMS Education, has been awarded an honorary  degree (Doctor of the University) by Heriot-Watt University. The award is  made in recognition of his contribution and achievements in the development  and accessibility of education internationally.  Mr Varkey received the award in recognition for his work from Professor Steve  Chapman, Principal and Vice-chancellor of Heriot-Watt University, at the  Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus 2012 graduation ceremony. Professor  Chapman said, "I was delighted to confer this honour on Sunny Varkey who  is a visionary entrepreneur in the field of education.

Sunny Varley
Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan
He has developed a  formula for creating schools of excellence, delivering an enterprising blend of  high quality education. At the heart of his vision is a passionate belief that all  children have a right to a quality education and his philanthropic commitments  have helped improve the lives of thousands.”  Sunny Varkey has been a key figurehead in the development of education  in the UAE, forging alliances between education and entrepreneurship  internationally through GEMS Education. He has developed a global network  of award-winning international schools, which span nine countries, reaching  110,000 students from 151 different nationalities. The GEMS school model  is unique in the world because it offers a range of private schools from  affordable to premium. also provides support to improve the quality of  education in government schools globally. He is also responsible for directing  the activities of the Varkey GEMS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of GEMS  Education. The Foundations aim is to impact 100 underprivileged children for  every child enrolled in a GEMS school. The Foundations Honorary Chair is  former US President, Bill Clinton.  Professor Ammar Kaka, Vice-Principal, Dubai Campus and Head of Heriot-  Watt University Dubai Campus, said, “Today Heriot-Watt University joins  many other organisations in recognising the enormous contribution Sunny  Varkey has made to global education."  Sunny Varkey joins Professor Peter Higgs and a number of other  distinguished individuals who received honorary degrees at Heriot-Watt  Unversity’s Edinburgh Campus this month. A full listing of the honorary  graduates can be found online at

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Brown’s Hotel delighted to announce festive partnership with award-winning British shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood

November 21, 2012 | Dubai, UAE Rocco Forte’s Brown’s Hotel is pleased to announce a unique festive partnership with Nicholas Kirkwood, the award-winning London-based British shoe designer famous for his statement sculptural footwear. This December, Nicholas Kirkwood, will decorate the Brown’s Festive Tree, taking inspiration from British art and sculpture. Reworking traditional Christmas decorations, Nicholas Kirkwood uses light and reflection to create a traditional tree with his signature off-beat aesthetic and crowned with a decorative pair of heels.

Nicholas Kirkwood spoke of his delight at the partnership: “I have a history with Brown’s Hotel, my family would stay there on their visits to London, so I was honoured when they approached me to work with them on a bespoke Festive tree for the season. When I visited the hotel recently, it’s not far from my own Mount Street store, I was inspired to see the mix of traditional elements with modern local art and design. Using this as my starting point I looked to create a tree blending these two elements – I often approach my own designs in this way. Reworking what we know as traditional Festive decorations but giving them a sculptural feel and then using light to create reflections within the space.”   Brown’s Hotel will be celebrating the festive season 2012 with its well-loved and most traditional British Christmas, with warming fires, mulled wine, carol singers and festive cheer. The Kirkwood Christmas Tree will prov- ide an exciting visual contemporary twist to the celebrations. The Tree, Festive Afternoon Tea in the English Tea Room, seasonal cocktails in The Donovan Bar and Christmas menus in HIX Mayfair make Brown’s Hotel the place to be to soak up the atmosphere this season. Brown’s Hotel is proud to be collaborating with such exciting young British talent, whose flagship store on Mount Street is just a short walk from the hotel.

Mark Hix will also be hosting a series of his ever popular carving master classes throughout the festive season for groups of up to 15. As gentlemen are notoriously difficult to buy presents for, why not treat a friend or loved one to a Carving Masterclass as a Christmas present. Mark Hix Carving Masterclass gift certificates are available from Brown’s Hotel for just £150. The classes are also available for private events, ideal for a Christmas party or for celebrating a special birthday or anniversary.  

Maui Jim Brings back a popular Sunglass Style from the Past

Dubai UAE, November 21, 2012 – In fashion, styles that were successful many years ago often reappear in re-imagined ways because of their original popularity. This is certainly the case with Maui Jim’s re-introduction of one of its most popular styles – Voyager. Twenty years after its original debut, Voyager joins the 2012-2013 ON THE WATER COLLECTION because of its classic lines that never go out of style.  Loaded with the most sophisticated lens technology on the market, Voyager combats the sun's harmful rays with renewed power.
Voyager (Style #178, AED730) is a mid-size frame made from high-grade, injection molded nylon that is lightweight and affords a superior fit. With its slightly masculine appeal and modified rectangular shape, these sunglasses have some superior features, like spring hinges and anti-corrosive hardware, for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, boating, stand-up paddling, sailing, canoeing and kayaking.  

Unique to all Maui Jim sunglasses is PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that protects eyes on both sides of each lens. This technology uses nine layers of protection to reduce 99.9 percent of harmful glare from any flat, smooth, or shiny surface, which makes it possible to see below the surface of water, an invaluable feature for boaters and fishermen.  Additionally, Maui Jim sunglasses cut 100 percent of all UV rays. The unique, bi-gradient mirror technology adds protection from light through the top and bottom of each lens – basically, Maui Jim sunglasses squint for you to reduce eye fatigue. Oleophobic lens coatings repel water and grease. The lenses also have scratch-resistant properties.
Voyager comes in two different frame and lens colors for different light conditions. Voyager in Gloss Black with Neutral Grey lenses is designed for bright sunny days. In Tortoise with HCL® Bronze lenses, these sunglasses are good for variable light conditions. All Voyager lenses are made from SuperThin glass that is 20 percent lighter and thinner than conventional glass lenses.

An added benefit of PolarizedPlus2 technology is color enhancement. Maui Jim is the only company to use three rare earth elements embedded in its lenses which, when combined with the glare-protecting elements of each lens, result in significantly truer, more vivid colors.

Voyager is available with MauiPassport® prescription lenses in powers from +3.00 to -4.50. This style has an eye size of 60 mm; bridge size of 15 mm; and temple length of 135 mm, as well as a 6-base curvature.

Other unisex sunglasses currently available in the ON THE WATER COLLECTION include Waimea Canyon, Seawall, Blue Water, Surf Rider, Nine Palms, Dorado, Island Time, Canoes, Peahi, Longboard, Stingray, Akamai, Lagoon, Navigator, Offshore, Banyans and Olowalu. Three styles are specifically designed for women, including Palms, Rainbow Falls and Punchbowl.  

For more information on Maui Jim, visit or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter at @OfficialMauiJim. 

Union Festival opens today at Global Village

11-day festival celebrates 41st UAE National Day

Global Village is geared up to receive people from all walks of life as it marks the launch of the Union Festival today. The 11-day festival, which runs till December 2, 2012, is being held to coincide with the 41st UAE National Day celebrations.
The organizers of Global Village is pleased to host this special event and wishes UAE nationals, residents and tourists on this proud occasion.
Global Village will remain open from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am, showcasing special performances, events and celebrations besides providing a glimpse of traditional UAE tradition and culture as part of the Union Festival.

FIFA World Cup bid winners confirmed for Dubai sport summit

Dubai, November 21, 2012//Hosting the football World Cup will be at the top of the agenda when sports leaders from around the world gather in Dubai for a landmark sporting summit.

It was today confirmed that South Africa 2010 and Russia 2018 will be represented at the Host Cities summit – being held at Meydan on December 4 and 5.

Danny Jordaan, Vice President of the South African Football Association, will talk about taking the tournament to Africa for the first time and what it takes to make a successful World Cup.

He will be joined by Alexey Sorokin, CEO of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee in Russia, who will offer insight into how his country won the bidding race.

Host Cities is presented by Emirates airline and will take place under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government and Chairman of Dubai Sports Council.

“The World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting occasion on earth,” said Danny Jordaan.

“At Host Cities the stories of how three different countries won the bidding race will be heard and it should be fascinating for everyone attending,”

“It was historic for South Africa and I will try and explain not only what went into the winning bid but also the legacy of the World Cup for my country,”

Alexey Sorokin said: “We at Russia 2018 are proud of the way we conducted ourselves throughout a long and highly competitive campaign.

“And we are already looking forward to welcoming the global football community in 2018.”

Host Cities will also welcome leading sports administrators from golf’s European Tour, the International Cricket Council, US Tennis Association and Emirates Airline - whose sport sponsorship portfolio includes FIFA World Cup, European Tour golf and international cricket.

Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, said: “As a major sponsor of international sports events around the world including the FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup and the Dubai World Cup, Emirates realises the power of sports to unite and drive economic development.

“We look forward to some very interesting insights being shared at Host Cities, which will no doubt be of great benefit to future sports events around the world.”

Host Cities will involve a conference featuring high-profile speakers, panel-led case study explanations, practical workshops and informal networking and learning opportunities for prospective hosts

The event will also feature social networking opportunities including a golf day at the Emirates Golf Club on November 3 hosted by Golf in Dubai, and a banquet hosted by Definitely Dubai on December 5.

The event is being organised by Streamline Marketing Group, specialists in launching landmark live events such as the recent Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Lovin My Bags Middle East Launches first of its kind Innovative “Bag Care” Product Range for Luxury Designer Handbags

  • Proprietary products available for all leather types and skins and suitable for maintaining designer handbags in harsh climates

Dubai, United Arab, Emirates, November 21, 2012: Lovin My Bags Middle East has announced the launch of an extensive product range to cater to the needs of the Middle East luxury market, which demands a bespoke and high-end solution for the maintenance of leather designer handbags in such harsh climates. Lovin My Bags proprietary leather care products have been created with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotics. The leather conservation technology and products are backed by professional leather restoration services which are offered in Dubai at the first Lovin My Bags Middle East boutique and handbag spa at Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Founded in the United States of America by Barbara and Gary Crouthamel, Lovin My Bags is the first ever system and specialized bag spa for cleaning and restoration of luxury handbags and leather goods in the world.
Lovin My Bags has engineered products & services specifically for this part of the world. The products come as a convenient “Handbag Care Kit” which includes three essential products for complete maintenance and care including, a protector, that acts as a repellent against oil and water and also prevents dyes from entering the leather, a cleanser, which works miraculously to wipe off stains and stubborn dyes before they seep deep inside the leather; and a moisturiser to maintain the delicate and soft finishing.  
Dhiraj Munjwani, Partner & Director, Lovin My Bags Middle East, said: “We are excited to introduce for the first time ever in this market a complete range of products that cater to different leather types such as Vachetta leather, lambskins, natural and glossy leathers. Our principals in the US have invested heavily to respond to customer needs that really value their luxury purchases and look for uncompromised results. Leather needs protection, cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning and miracle products to keep it looking its best and we are confident our luxury customers will be relieved to finally find a solution to their bag and leather care issues.”
The entire range is currently available for retail at the exclusive Lovin My Bags Middle East boutique at Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Lovin My Bags Middle East is also in talks with key fashion retailers and distributors in the UAE and Middle East markets for strategic alliances and partnerships.
Jai Tolani, Partner & Director, Lovin My Bags Middle East, said: “There are no other products created specifically for handbag leathers. The leather care products on the market today are for general use such as for cars or furniture and are not safe for most aniline leathers. We use the best cosmetic grade ingredients that are more costly than industrial cleaning products found in most leather cleaners today. We manufacture our products in small quantities and test its effectiveness by using it in our professional restoration services. No other service company has this specialized vertical integration.
The product range also includes a special product for protection of bag handles and for dyes from Abayas & Jeans.  Interested customers and key retailers can contact or call + 971 4 3866081 for enquiries. 

Zayed Sports City to host charity sports relay in January

12-hour sporting fest will raise awareness and funds for
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Abu Dhabi, November 21, 2012: Zayed Sports City, one of the region’s premier sporting venues, will host a 12 hour sports relay next year to help raise money for charity.

The fund-raising event will take place under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Sheikha Saif Mohammed Al Nahyan, wife of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on January 26.

Bringing together sports fanatics as well as with groups of friends and family members from around the capital, the 12-hour event will aim to raise more than 200,000AED for Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity that grants children with life threatening illness the chance to live their dreams.

The foundation is also supported and chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Sheikha Saif Mohammed Al Nahyan.

Barry Bremner, General Manager at Zayed Sports City said: “The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a fantastic cause that deserves the support of all of us here in Abu Dhabi.

“As a sports facility that sits at the heart of this community, we feel strongly about giving back to those in need.

“We hope that by bringing people together for a sporting marathon we will help raise awareness and vital funds for Make A Wish

“This event is designed so that anyone can take part and contribute to a worthy charity. We would urge the whole community to come out and support it.”

Hani Al-Zubaidi, CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE echoed the sentiment.

“The event is a unique way to raise money to support us in granting special wishes for children living with a life threatening condition while they endure difficult times,” he said.

“We are delighted to partner with Zayed Sports City and become the charity benefactor for the relays and anticipate the event will be a tremendous success."

Registrations are now open and costs 200AED. All participants are required to raise a minimum of 1000AED in personal sponsorship before taking part in the event.

All sponsorship proceeds will be donated directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For all event information and to register for participation, go to .