Thursday, 30 May 2013

SPRET Retail promotes 100% natural personal care products with TANAMERA at Beauty World 2013 @TanameraNatural @spretretail

·         SPRET Retail advocates natural personal care products at Beauty World 2013, with Tanamera
·         Tanamera Founder Faridah Ahmed Fadzil reveals natural, at-home beauty regimes in Beauty World 2013
·         SPRET Retail seeks distributers in GCC for Tanamera at Beauty World 2013.

Tanamera, the Malaysian 100% natural personal care brand participates in Beauty World 2013. Tanamera was launched in the UAE in 2012, and is being exclusively marketed and distributed by SPRET Retail.
Faridah Ahmad Fadzil, founder of Tanamera is attending Beauty World 2013 to promote the use of natural products in beauty regimes and spa treatments. She says, “Tanamera is based on the concept of ancient Malaysian traditional natural healing methods, and product ingredients are sourced from the tropical rainforest. The products are specially formulated without the use of toxic chemicals, coloring, synthetic fragrance and use eco - friendly recyclable packaging”. She continued, “Natural personal care products cause no harm to the skin, unlike synthetic based products. Tanamera’s objective is to create awareness on the goodness of natural, while also educating consumers on the long-term harmful effects of synthetic based products”.

Conveying the objective for participating in Beauty World 2013, Mr. Naseem Ahmed Jawa, Director Retail, SPRET Retail says, “Generally, many cosmetics touted as “natural” turn out to be purely an advertising gimmick. Cosmetics called “natural” or “certified organic” can still contain additives, preservatives, synthetic colorings agents and many other things that are probably very unnatural. Organic beauty products impart increased essential nutrients without the harmful effects caused by synthetic based products in the long run.” He continued,  “SPRET Retail are proud to add Tanamara to the brand portfolio. We’ve received an extremely positive market response, and we hope with our innovative franchise programs, Tanamera will further penetrate the GCC regional markets, and the 100% natural products will be easily accessible to locally based population.”

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