Tuesday, 4 February 2014

90% of women notice thinning hair after pregnancy* @OfficialNanogen

Post pregnancy hair loss is a common problem faced by new mothers

Expectant mothers not only have the commonly talked about ‘mother’s glow’ but also thicker, fuller, healthier and shinier hair. However, post pregnancy they face the issue of thinning hair resulting in hair loss.

There is a rise in estrogenic hormones during pregnancy that stimulates hair growth and prevents shedding of hair but post delivery the hormones return to normal levels resulting in hair loss, in most cases. The problem especially escalates 3-4 months after delivery as hair follicles rejuvenate themselves and this process can take up to 12 months.

Commenting on the condition, Amit Sodha, hair care expert for 25 years and Director of Nanogen Expert Research said, “Pregnancy is definitely one of the best phases of life for women but post natal changes are a cause of concern for all. I have treated many women who notice clumps of hair in their brush after delivery and are surprised as during pregnancy, they boast of luscious locks. This is a result of hormones gaining normalcy and also the stress of going into labour combined with the change in lifestyle with a baby in the house.”

He added, “I recommend the Nanogen 3x Thickening Treatment Shampoo, Nanogen 3x Thickening Treatment Conditioner and Nanogen 3x Hair Growth Serum for new mothers to combat hair loss. For a quick fix of thinning spots, women can also use the Instant Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres.”

Amit Sodha also gives the following tips for maintaining hair post pregnancy:

·         Consume fruits and vegetables loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants to protect hair follicles and encourage hair growth
·         Avoid pigtails, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers that pull your hair
·         Wet hair is fragile, be gentle and avoid fine tooth combs
·         Avoid using blow dryers and heated hair instruments, try to use the cool setting
·         Avoid chemically based treatments such as colouring and perming
·         Add dietary supplements such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to your diet, under the guidance of your gynecologist
The Nanogen 3x range will be available in selected pharmacies only, including Sondos and Jumeirah Pharmacies in Satwa, Medi Link Pharmacy located at the Arabian Ranches, Times Square Pharmacy in the Times Square Centre and Family Health Pharmacy in Al Garhoud. For more information, please call 04 3458833.

*Data from NHS Choices

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