Sunday, 13 January 2013

Arwa Hafiz The ODD PIECE - A Remarkable Success

The Odd Piece
“A Remarkable Success”
The Odd Piece launched its concept this season with an eclectic range of vintage design furniture and accessories, along with new modern statement pieces painstakingly selected and curated by Saudi born furniture lover Arwa Hafiz.
Travelling across the globe, Arwa Hafiz sources interesting design pieces, often in a state of disrepair, and lovingly restores them to their former glory, with a new and modern approach. Breathing new life into these design classics is a passion for Arwa, who uses vibrant and luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, prints, and plenty of colour to achieve a refreshed, modern look.  Arwa has a particular passion for design pieces from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, each decade offering particular statement pieces she ties to capture.
The Odd Piece strives to offer its customers the chance to own a rare piece of furniture design history, that is not only a collectible, but also a functional piece to be used in one’s environment. Infuse these gems with some of Arwa’s orientalist pieces and accessories like the vintage Ottoman cushions, mother of pearl pieces and Murano chandeliers for a truly eclectic style. The Odd Piece showcased over 120 pieces from its collection, including accessories such as Turkish pottery and a few masterpiece mirrors.
Thursday, January 10th, Arwa Hafiz held her first exhibition “The Odd Piece” at the DIFC, Dubai. The exhibition received a tremendous audience, ranging from curators, designers and tasteful homeowners.
With each “Odd” piece standing out in its unique way, and with each piece quite reasonably priced. After one quick tour, guests scrambled to purchase & reserve the eccentric pieces. With 40% sold out on the spot and 20% reserved by the end of the night, Arwa Hafiz ‘s Odd Piece is a remarkable success.
During the event, the crowd were quite esthetically pleased with it’s one of a kind layout. Armchairs hanging from the ceiling, and a sophisticated range of chandeliers dropping over the 7 different rooms which were set up and organized with great detail by the designer herself. This beautiful set-up was complimented with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and background chill wave music to fulfill the beautifully curated ambiance.

The Curator:
Arwa Hafiz, a mother of two of Saudi origin, studied International Relations in London, and only discovered her latent passion for furniture and design later on in life. Having always had a fondness for interior design, which only became evident to her more recently, she has passionately designed and redesigned her homes giving them a unique and elegant touch.
Having had a passion to own a home accessories boutique, Arwa eventually started The Odd Piece a year ago, and has spent the best part of the year travelling and sourcing furniture from across the globe for her first exhibition in January of 2013.

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