Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dubai Municipality Awards Global Village for Food Safety

Global Village, the region’s leading Cultural, Shopping and Entertainment family outdoor destination, was awarded for the category of: Best Customers in Food Safety for 2012, by the Food Control Department at Dubai Municipality. The award ceremony was held at Grand Hayatt in Dubai and Miss Noora Al Mansoori, Director of Government Relations & Administration Departments received the award on behalf of Global Village.  

Amongst many in their respective categories, Global Village award has come to benchmark the sound control systems followed by the theme park in order to ensure the safety of foodstuff, as well as conducting the required tests.

Miss Noora Al Mansoori receiving award on behalf of Global Village
Additionally, the park is also committed to implementing the necessary medical tests on all the employees working in foodstuff and restaurants which further sustains its active role in terms of maintaining the safety of all food items and employees working in the same field.

Global Village management also ensures that all food items entering the premises are supervised and monitored before being delivered to the restaurants or kiosks located inside the park. This practice helps ensure the safety of visitors when eating at any of the restaurants or kiosks or outlets serving food at Global Village.  


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