Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shoppers shown inspiration when getting on the ‘weighing scales’ in GCC & Levant Malls and shopping centers

New Kellogg's® Special K® ‘What Will You Gain When You Lose' Campaign Challenges Women to View their weight-management objectives in a new way

 In a bid to re-frame the weight loss conversation from deprivation to inspiration larger than life Kellogg’s Special K weighing scales are appearing in malls and shops across the UAE. The initiative, which launched last week in Dubai Mall, is committed to showing women across the Emirates that weight loss needn’t be about what you have to lose; but about all you have to gain during the process. The innovative Special K scales don’t show a weight when stood on, but to the user’s surprise, the numbers waver and are then replaced by positive and uplifting messages such as “amazing”, “confidence”, “joy”, “pride”, and “glowing”.

With their new found word of inspiration participants are subsequently invited to sign-up for the famous Special K two-week challenge to kick start their journey towards their ultimate “gain”. In addition they are given a wrist band with their inspirational word on it to remind them of their goal during the two weeks. Already 1,300 people have signed-up to the 2-week challenge since the campaign launched.
"It truly is not what the numbers on the scale read, but how you feel about yourself that allows you to project beauty and confidence to the world," said Ahmad Yahya, marketing director at Kellogg’s Med MENA. "That is what the new Special K brand campaign is all about, reminding women of the positive emotional benefits that come from reaching weight-management goals. It's not what you lose, but what you gain in the process that translates into the real reward."

"With our multi-dimensional 'What Will You Gain When You Lose' campaign, we're looking to help reshape the mindset of how women approach weight loss in the New Year," said Yahya. "As we partner with women who want to achieve their weight-loss goals in 2013, the Special K brand encourages women to focus on the positive emotional benefits that result from their efforts.  We believe this additional support will ultimately help keep them motivated."

The campaign is currently running at Mirdiff Mall having been the Mall of the Emirates for a week. Women across the UAE can also experience smaller tablet versions at select stores throughout the UAE:

You can also sign up for the challenge at: www.specialkalarabi.com

The event will then travel to other countries in the region including:
Lebanon from 10th to the 27th of Jan
Kuwait from 17th to the 31st of Jan
KSA from 25th of Jan to the 23rd of Feb
Qatar from 24th of Jan to the 21st of Feb.

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