Sunday, 16 June 2013

Abu Dhabi and Dubai to share the broadcast of the UAE Pro League @dubaimediainc @AbuDhabiMedia @UAEProLeague

For the continuity of a Successful Partnership
Abu Dhabi and Dubai to share the broadcast of the UAE Pro League

Abu Dhabi Media and Dubai Media Incorporated propose joint broadcasting of all PLC matches
Abu Dhabi, 15 June 2013: Following the success of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Sports Channels for their coverage of the UAE Pro League over the last five years, the two entities have agreed to extend their partnership for another three seasons . The new agreement emphasizes the success achieved by the two channels in presenting the UAE league at their highest standard to their viewers worldwide.
The new agreement announced today shows the intentions of both parties to expand the coverage and reach of the UAE league and further strengthen the entities’ continued and successful partnership.
The joint broadcasting of the rights by ADM and DMI would enable audiences to watch live coverage of the matches on Abu Dhabi Sports channels and Dubai Sports, allowing both networks to showcase all matches live, with tailored studio shows and commentaries.

 Mohamed Najeeb, Head of the Abu Dhabi Sports channels said:
“This proposed partnership showcases the solid on-going relationship between Abu Dhabi Media and Dubai Media Incorporated over the past five years. We are committed to maximising the reach and quality of the PLC coverage, providing viewers with a highly innovate HD experience. We look forward to working with DMI on these tournaments.”

Rashed Amiri, General Manager of Dubai Sports channels commented:

“ The decision of both Abu Dhabi AND Sports Channels to have a one unified offer for the TV rights of the UAE pro League  is another example for the successful cooperation of both channels for the benefit of UAE viewers.  It is also a step forward for the future of the UAE league by making sure to promote the UAE league matches worldwide “

Beginning September 2013 and lasting for three seasons, the broadcast rights, jointly broadcast by Abu Dhabi Media and Dubai Media Incorporate would cover the Arabian Gulf League, Reserves League, Super Cup and League Cup.

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