Monday, 24 June 2013

Get recognized for Dubai Fashion 2020 @WilhelminaModel @Be_SoFamous

Forward thinking agency invites tomorrow’s models to get ready for Dubai’s future in fashion

SO Famous, an accessible yet exclusive academy offering fashion, beauty and modelling services in the UAE, is inviting tomorrow’s models to get prepped for what will be the most glamorous occasion till date, Dubai Fashion 2020.

“The launch of this strategic plan is a clear indication of how the local fashion industry has evolved and now forms a stable platform for international designers to enjoy Dubai as a fashion hub. Every designer seeks a unique look and a unique model to further compliment their designs, a pivotal role that SO Famous manages as we recruit fresh new faces, turn them into front cover models and assist designers in achieving their brand’s image,” said Stefanie Ost, SO Famous CEO.

Dubai Fashion 2020 will engage local designers in the creation of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands, as well as attracting investment from global institutions in this industry. Furthermore, international brands will soon want to be part of the world’s biggest fashion hub which will lead to a greater demand for fresh faces, models and actors.

“It’s never too late or too early to become a model. The fashion industry has become extremely diverse and there is no set criteria to be a model. The most important quality of a model is confidence as this reflects directly through any picture or critic’s eye. Confidence, among other skills, are taught at SO Famous as we implement the finishing touches required and expected by any designer.”

The full service modelling agency offers an array of services that evolve you into an awe inspiring international diva:

Wilhelmina Models Dubai:

Wilhelmina Models is one of the most prominent talent management agencies in the world. Since its founding in 1967 by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper, Wilhelmina Models has earned its prestigious standing as an industry leader by providing full-spectrum model and talent management. Former model and CEO of SO Famous, Stefanie Ost, brought the agency to Dubai to serve the needs of the growing industry in the region. As partners the agency works to find and develop the next generation of talent and focuses on bringing international fresh faces with professional training to the region.

As an aspiring model you can receive first hand international training from renowned model, Stefanie Ost, build your portfolio and gain access to some of the most renowned brands both locally and internationally.

So Famous Makeovers, Photoshoots and Etiquette Academy:

Performed in the creative SO Famous boutique studio, the experienced team of beauty experts offers one-on-one makeovers, group sessions, hair and make-up tutorials, photo-shoots, fashion styling and image consultations. The region’s most renowned stylists, make-up artists and image consultants work with you and your goals to bring your style to life. In exclusive partnership with The Finishing Academy United Kingdom, SO Famous offers various etiquette courses to lead an individual to act the part when addressing a crowd, dining amidst celebrities, influencers and A-listers and how to start a conversation, interrupt one or end one without an awkward silence. The courses are also tailored to suit your individual needs which assures no time is wasted and results are achieved.

SO Famous Distinction:

SO Famous offers an exclusive VIP on demand services which enables you to gain access to front row seats in international fashion shows, celebrity fashion styling and private shopping in any international fashion capital.

“The future holds great opportunities for the fashion industry and we are extremely excited about what Dubai Fashion 2020 will hold for local designers and models alike. We would like to urge aspiring models to get in touch with us in order to support the strategic plan and to truly build Dubai as the next fashion hub of the world,” concluded Stefanie.

For more information about SO Famous and their various services, please visit or contact 04 451 9160 or

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