Sunday, 9 June 2013 Bath and Beach Time in Turkish Spa Style @AnjeliqueMe

 Accessorising your home is part of the fun in being stylish and creative... even in the bathroom! Towels are part of your expression in décor, and are essential all at the same time. And what about those long days at the beach? Don’t you want to rest, bathe and dry on the very best?, the online bespoke fashion and home ware boutique, has the perfect towels from Turkish designer, Chitra, adding the finishing touches to your bathroom and beachy days. These necessary accessories would also make the ultimate housewarming or wedding gift!

Chitra is the first brand in Turkey to use woodblock printing to create contemporary designs. For thousands of years, woodblock printing has been used to design fabrics, and Chitra have revived the process to give a modern, energetic feel to textiles creating an exclusive couture collection. All Chitra products are handmade and beautifully embellished with natural stone detail and lacework trimmings, including its Pesthamal bath towels.

Pesthamal is a traditional Turkish towel used in the Turkish Baths. The peshtamal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries very quickly, and takes up less space. It is also easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care. The peshtamal fabric is made of 100% cotton produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey.

For beaching and bathing, look no further than this stunning Red Coral Pesthamel (AED 279.20). With the contemporary bright print against the natural white background and finished with white tassles, this lightweight towel absorbs water extremely well. It is also available in Blue Coral.
Another design for modern bathing or spa going, is the Blue Fish Pesthamel (AED 279.20). This print has a Mediterranean feel, bringing the western summer sunshine to the east. An alternative print, using the same style and deep blue sea colour, is the Blue Ship, again giving an aquatic feel to your beach attire.
For a larger towel, finished with white tassels and displaying a rich, Turkish design, the Cintemani Turquoise Pesthamel (AED 363.70) has been printed with organic dyes. A versatile towel for multiple uses, this would look exceptional in any contemporary style bathroom. It is also available in Cintemani Yellow and Cintemani Red. offers free shipping across the GCC, easy returns, secure online payment, and a cash on delivery option. So this summer is the perfect time to add a hand-crafted touch of Chitra to your bath and beach time, or seek out these precious items as gifts for friends and loved ones.

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