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reviva-plasmaTM ,
the new Holy Grail of skin revitalization

In all our studies women have always, and even more so today, expressed a duality that Lancôme has understood: the desire for skincare that soothes and provides visible results, as well as skincare that pampers the skin, improving and transforming it over the long term. This approach has consistently been the guiding principle behind the bestselling Lancôme product range: Rénergie. A range which, over the years, has been continually improved with influence and success, drawing inspiration from each new scientific breakthrough, to offer clients increasingly luxurious textures and meet their needs for greater youthfulness with each new
revolutionary discovery and innovation. Today, Lancôme takes these important ideas a step further with Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM, a new powerful cosmetic lifting skincare product.
A serum, the ultimate category of Lancôme excellence, inspired by the most recent revitalizing procedures that enable the skin to draw from its own resources for global revitalization and immediately visible results. Both the
women who tested the product as well as their friends and family noted the exceptional effects and we have measured them: their skin is visibly more beautiful, day after day.
As a result, Lancôme offers women uncompromising high performance skincare that provides visible results in an absolutely fabulous texture that is once again in a class of its own. Pure and simple.

Youcef Nabi
Lancôme Worldwide President

The Rénergie signature:
anti-aging skincare far ahead of its time

For over 20 years, Rénergie has accompanied women in their quest to achieve a younger-looking appearance. Armed with this knowledge, in 1991 our research team developed Rénergie, the first Lancôme skincare range that specifically targets the two key problems that women face as they age: wrinkles and loss of firmness. Its active ingredient complexes combined with iconic textures have established the brand’s reputation as a leader in anti-aging care and an essential partner for women on a quest for excellence. Changing its name to Rénergie Multi-Lift in 2012, the range has been constantly challenging established ideas, aiming for increasingly more powerful results as well as remaining in line with women’s evolving concerns. What are women looking for today? Firmer,more radiant and fully revitalized skin. In 2013, Rénergie Multi-Lift adds an intense concentrate to its range: a powerful serum that provides spectacular results: Rénergie Multi-Lift
Reviva-PlasmaTM, inspired by the Science of cosmetic lifting, and for the first time, combined with the Science of revitalization.

Revitalizating procedures:
a source of inspiration for
rénergie multi-lift reviva-plasmaTM

To meet increasingly stringent demands of women who wish to improve their skin’s youthful appearance and vitality without undergoing heavy and invasive procedures, new techniques have been developed, paving
the way for a new approach: revitalization procedures. These minimally aggressive procedures, referred to as “natural”, mainly stimulate the activity of tissue-generating cells called fibroblasts, which include collagen and elastin fibers that tend to diminish and degrade over time. They also boost cutaneous microcirculation, improving exchanges between skin cells and their surrounding environment.

Cutting-edge techniques for targeted results.

Mechanical stimulation
These techniques consist of exerting light mechanical traction on the dermis, then
gently releasing the facial skin at variable rhythms. Genuine “facial gymnastics”, they
generate an increase in elastin and collagen production.
Light and Laser stimulation
Certain LED (monochromatic cold light, with low power) increase regeneration,
healing and collagen production capacities. Biostimulation resculpting lasers stimulate
the dermis, triggering biological reactions that are essential to the skin regeneration
Electrical stimulation
Electrical stimulation works on all skin layers: epidermis, dermis and dermo-epidermal
junction. The diffusion of different electrical currents helps boost skin permeability,
thereby optimizing the penetration process of active ingredients deeper into the skin.

The most recent revitalization techniques:

Biological stimulation.
Biological stimulation (the mesolift technique, in particular) uses a series of microinjections
containing a blend of nourishing and revitalizing ingredients, mainly comprised of hyaluronic acid and vitamins. The repeated penetration of needles into the skin creates microtraumatisms that trigger “micro skin repair” reactions. The dermal cells are thus activated, while nourishing substances and growth factors are injected into the treated cutaneous areas.
Autologous injections, among the most promising types of biological stimulation, consist of reinjecting the patient’s own platelet-enriched plasma into the skin.
These techniques in particular - which help, amongst others, improve skin quality and
vitality - were our research team’s source of inspiration for creating Rénergie Multi-Lift
Reviva-PlasmaTM, the first firming and lifting cosmetic product for intensely revitalized

A new cosmetic lifting
skincare product,
with powerful effectiveness noted by women
volunteers and measured by experts

Benefits noted by women: revitalized and firm skin, as if full of life.
The women’s reactions to the powerful effectiveness of Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM are exceptional. The skin immediately appears fresher. After the first week, it looks firmer, smoother and wrinkles seem to be erased. After the first month, the skin appears younger, as if lifted. When using Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM with its double technology, 94% of women** felt that their skin appeared revitalized.

*Consumer use tests, 58 women
**Consumer use tests, 111 women, after 8 weeks of application

77% of women felt that their skin appeared fresher
85% of women felt that their skin was suppler
98% of women felt that their skin was moisturized

After the 1st month*:
70% of women felt that their wrinkles and fine lines appeared diminished
77% of women felt that their skin looked more youthful
78% of women felt that their skin was more radiant
78% of women felt that their skin appeared plumper
78% of women felt that their skin looked tighter, as if lifted

After the 1st week*:
75% of women felt that their skin appeared firmer
78% of women felt that their skin appeared rested
80% of women felt that their skin looked more elastic
82% of women felt that their skin was smoother as if wrinkles had been erased

When using Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM with its double technology, 94% of women** felt that their skin appeared revitalized.
*Consumer use tests, 58 women
**Consumer use tests, 111 women, after 8 weeks of application

A dual gel texture
The Rénergie Multi-Lift textures have always boasted sensorial ingenuity, making it the ultimate skincare range thanks to Lancôme’s unique innovation in terms of delivery forms, which is one of the reasons that women are so loyal to the Maison Lancôme. Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM has benefited from the expertise of the Lancôme formulators, skilled formula creators who defy the imagination and senses with each new creation. They have developed an astonishing dual gel texture that is rich, enveloping and highly absorbent upon application, which seems to instantly penetrate the skin with its millions of droplets highly concentrated in active ingredients. Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM leaves the skin nourished, comfortable, smooth, plump and characteristically silky soft to the touch, without a greasy feel. A unique sensory experience. Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM also contains elastomer microparticles, known for their optical properties and the gentle finish they leave on the
skin. By increasing skin/light interactions, they instantly help diminish skin imperfections, providing a soft focus effect on signs of fatigue, while improving skin transparency. The delicately floral and woody fragrance, created around a rose middle note, as well as its light amber shade also help ensure that application becomes an extremely polysensorial experience.

A high-tech design
inspired by liquid nitrogen bottles

Lancôme has chosen to use high-tech packaging for Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-PlasmaTM, boasting modern lines and feminine details. Its colors dazzle with a mirror effect, from delicate pink to deep and vibrant purple, the range’s signature shades.

The bottle does not immediately reveal its mysteries. By slightly turning the cap, the dispenser pump emerges for an aesthetic experience combined with better preservation. By simply pressing on the dispenser pump, it delivers the perfect amount of serum, thereby facilitating and optimizing product application.

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