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TIMEZ5 Transforms Spiritual Experiences with Space-Age Physiological Prayer Mat @TIMEZ5

TIMEZ5, the world’s first health and wellness company addressing Muslim lifestyle needs through innovation, has launched the world’s first physiological prayer mat. Composed of space-age material, the revolutionary product channels a physio-spiritual experience inspired by ancient medicine and the latest in technology.
The TIMEZ5 prayer mat’s unique 5-layer design and soft, cool texture helps ease muscle pain or stiffness, joint aching or inflexibility, posture problems and low energy levels. It relieves pressure on feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and the lower back; whether the person is standing, bending, kneeling or prostrating resulting in a boost of energy and mental focus.

“We are dedicated to our customers’ devotion. Our designs are to ensure their health and wellbeing are always at their highest,” Nader Sabry, CEO and Founder of TIMEZ5, said. “The mat’s purpose is to address lifestyle challenges for a healthier and more spiritually fulfilling life.”

The prayer mat’s first layer is composed of a soft, cool and hygienic microfiber with an antimicrobial coding that fights off bacteria and fungi.  
“The physical aspect of the prayer is directly related to the spiritual aspect,” Mohammed Al Bastaki, TIMEZ5 VP International, said. “Especially for the elderly with delicate tissue, the mat makes movements fluid and comfortable with a micro-grip surface to prevent shifting and slipping even on hard surfaces. The demand for the product has been unbelievable, even for gift giving.”
The company has conducted in-depth research by placing sensors during prayers, which aided in developing the mat in accordance with Muslim physiology. Results have shown that up to 60% of the pain suffered while praying was felt in the knees, followed by 29% in the back and 4% in the neck. Hence, the mat provided maximum benefits at the kneeling and prostration positions.
“Although the TIMEZ5 prayer mat works on its own, we have also found that individuals were more likely to monitor their posture and avoid abrupt jerks,” Sabry added. “It has so many benefits, that it’s actually used by many other groups from desk-based employees to athletes in their post-injury rehabilitation.” 
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TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat is the world’s first physiological prayer mat.  The components are derived from space technology and designed with precision; it successfully helped people with knee and joint pain, fatigue, body stiffness, low energy, and supporting muscular skeletal structure of the body.   Its creation was inspired to help the Muslim elderly in their worship; however it also supports many other groups from desk based employees to athletes in their post injury rehabilitation.  For further details see

The Physio-Spiritual experience is our development philosophy; we combine physiological benefits with the spiritual devotion.  Through our R&D arm TIMEZ5™ Labs blends the world of ancient medicine, leading technology and inspiring design to address lifestyle challenges.
The TIMEZ5 prayer mat is made up of 5 Layers as follows:
  1. Microfiber: soft, cool and hygienic surface
  2. Absorption: absorbs body weight and motion
  3. Transfer: adaptive weight transfer grid
  4. bearing: weight and motion counter-resistance
  5. Micro Grip: prevent slippage and movement
TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat’s 5 Benefits are:
1. BETTER POSTURE, BETTER PERFORMANCE Cradles every move and supports every posture, providing relief from years of incorrect and unnatural positions reinforced by poor ergonomic environments.

2. OPTIMUM PRESSURE & STIFFNESS RELIEF The Mat adapts to your body, relieving pressure on your feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and lower back - whether standing, bending, kneeling or prostrating.

3. PUMP UP THE ENERGY your energy is boosted when pressure is reduced and support is induced. Effective pressure relief and body support increase blood circulation thereby improving mental and physical focus.

4. SOFT, COOL AND HYGIENIC a soft and comfortable surface that keeps you cool with its heat resistance technology while its antimicrobial coding fights off bacteria and fungi.

5. KEEP STABLE, KEEP BALANCED your safety and wellbeing is our priority. With our anti-slip base you will not shift or slip during prayer, even on hard surfaces like marble.
The TIMEZ5 prayer mat’s dimensions are
Height: 120 cm  | Width: 70 cm | Depth: 2 cm | Weight: 1.5 kg For more information please visit the company website on

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