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@Diesel + Edun A denim collection born in Africa

A denim collection born in Africa

Diesel+EDUN present the final collection in a historic two-season collaboration. Inspired by African creativity, the Fall Winter 2013 collection is entirely manufactured in Africa and worn by an emerging generation of African musicians available in stores now.
In January 2012, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and EDUN founders Ali Hewson and Bono travelled to Uganda and Mali, where they shared their love of the continent and toured each other’s programs: Diesel’s Only The Brave Foundation project in Dioro, Mali and EDUN’s Conservation Cotton Initiative (CCI) in Uganda. The experience was the catalyst for them to join forces to further apparel trade and development in Africa with a co-branded, co-designed collection.
Economic growth, driven by trade and investment, is the critical engine that will end poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. By sourcing the finest CCI cotton from Uganda and entirely manufacturing the collection in Africa, Diesel+EDUN are bringing business to the continent and highlighting to the fashion world the possibility for sustainable trade and creative opportunity in Africa.
A 36-piece denim-focused collection co-designed by Diesel+EDUN. Inspired by African creativity, the collection is entirely manufactured in Africa with the finest CCI cotton from Uganda.
Using treated and shimmer-coated denim, the Diesel+EDUN collection is, as in the previous edition, built around a reinterpretation of the four-pocket jean of the 1970s popular on the streets of South Africa. Indigo and strokes of black are the collection’s twin signatures for Fall Winter 2013, reflecting the clothes of the Tuareg people and recalling the deep blue sky and dark nights of the African desert. Like grains of sand, touches of gold and yellow are used to illuminate details and accessories. Running through the whole collection are four unique symbols inspired by Dogon culture and designed to reflect the heart of the Diesel+EDUN collection.
[design note: include images of the four symbols here with the symbol copy under each one]
Together we are stronger.Through love we inspire.Through opportunity we grow.Forever we will shine.
To bring the spirit of the collection to life, Diesel+EDUN developed Studio Africa – a virtual loudspeaker for a new generation of creative talent from across the continent. In the campaign the collection will be worn by four passionate and innovative musicians; individuals with both talent and a deep commitment to their respective countries and people:
Studio Africa will introduce you to Spoek Mathambo, the Johannesburg rapper and producer who is combining electronic, hip-hop and house influences to inspire a new wave of artists broadening the definition of what South African music can be. You’ll also meet singer-songwriter duo Faarrow, Somali sisters Siham and Iman Hashi who became refugees at a young age and now use their talent to help empower the women of their community. Meanwhile, from Lagos comes Olugbenga, a DJ, producer and remixer whose hip-hop based production references both post-rock and the gospel and Nigerian music he grew up with. Step inside Studio Africa.

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