Thursday, 12 September 2013

Herbline Essentials Unveils New Skin @HEssentials

Still the same all-natural, proven formulations on the inside, just better looking on the outside!

The eye of the consumer has become green and filled with love for nature. Choosing all-natural ingredients is now also high on our priority list when it comes to purchasing beauty products. Which is why Herbline Essentials, the caring all-natural, home grown beauty brand has become one of the UAE’s top selling pharmacy skin and hair care ranges.

But look closer!

Herbline Essentials has just rebranded itself, sporting a fresh new identity across all its products and packaging, bringing you - the conscious consumer - closer.

Now, the products are more eye-catching and easy to identify on the shelf, while offering a simple way to select the right ones for your skin and hair type needs.  The new look and feel highlights the organic nature of the brand, and the blend of the highest quality all-natural ingredients and Himalayan waters. This aims to enhance the importance of their daily use in the world we live in today, being kind to ourselves with the kindness and wisdom of nature.

Herbline Essentials is also setting off on an exciting new journey across the Middle East region and beyond, bringing its organic message and wholesome products, based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, to discerning consumers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, South Africa and several western and central European markets.

Aly Rahimtoola, Managing Director of Harmony Cosmetics and owner of Herbline Essentials, said: “Our rebranding is a natural step in our company’s evolution and reflects the changing needs, lifestyles and expectations of customers today, as our goal is to build upon a brand that is rooted in customer trust and relevance.”

The rise of consumer awareness has been witnessed by the beauty industry, indeed. Not only are organic ingredients proving to be the most popular and wise choice, but heightened concern has arisen about the ethics of cosmetic companies and the way they run their business with respect for nature, environment and the animals. Concepts such as ‘parabens free’, ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘not tested on animals’ have sparked growing attention worldwide and have become an integral component of the green beauty movement.

Recently, Herbline Essentials became a certified member of PETA's Beauty without Bunnies programme, the only company in the Middle East to do so to date.  It has also since been included in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (, which is compiled by EWG in Washington DC. This concluded the brand was low in toxins and friendly to the consumer.

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