Tuesday, 17 September 2013

@GlamBoxME The Secret Pathway to Beauty! Find Your Way Around the GlamShop

**GlamShop Promotion – 20% Discount Until 30th November 2013 **

The beauty world is truly an entire universe that needs to be explored. However, a universe is pretty large, isn’t it? So how do you know where to start? What products are right for you, when there are millions to choose from? If only there was a map or a secret code in order for you to find your personal path around the beauty world!

Say ‘Hello’ to the GlamShop, the very own e-shop from the well-loved celebrity favourite, GlamBox. With the click of a mouse, you can unlock the correct passages that will take you to the latest beauty products that your skin, hair and well-being desires!

If you are a Glamista and subscribe to GlamBox - or if you are a Glamista-in-waiting, thinking about starting a subscription - then the GlamShop will become your new best friend. Simply enjoy the treats inside your monthly delivered GlamBox, which will consist of samples from the beauty world’s most sought after products, and if you fall in love with a sample, just buy it from the GlamShop! There’s no need to search far and wide spending time to find it.

For non-subscribers, the GlamShop is completely available to you too! Just go to the GlamBox website, click on ‘SHOP’ and yes, you guessed it, browse and shop to your heart’s content. What’s more, every product has a specific GlamBox summary to help you make those all-important choices. If that’s not enough, why not have a peep at the GlamBlog, filled with tips and treats!

What can you expect from the GlamShop, you wonder? Well, you will stumble upon some unique and exclusive brands such as Euoko’s luxury anti-ageing skincare and Orogold, and organic products from Green Bar, Herbline Essentials, Human+Kind, and Neom. A beauty world favourite, Elemis, can be purchased with the click of a mouse, as well as Ciate nail varnish, Bliss and Kelly Van Gogh hair colouring and care products.
Looking for the perfect gift? Yes, gift boxes are available for local spas and you can even buy your friends or loved ones their very own subscription for GlamBox. Give them the gift of becoming a Glamista! What more could they want? Even gift vouchers to be spent in the GlamShop can be easily purchased on the site.

And that’s not all! Every dirham you spend will earn you a GlamPoint. Collect your GlamPoints and redeem them by receiving fabulous discounts in the GlamShop! And you love to shop with your girlfriends, don’t you? Refer a friend to subscribe and receive 1000 GlamPoints!

What’s more, place any order between 18th September and 30th November 2013 using the online code “GLAMSHOP20” and you’ll receive 20% off your order.

So, no need to be lost in the universe any longer. Go to www.glambox.me today and find your very own path to being beautiful.

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