Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rose Jam limited edition from LUSH @lushuae

Limited edition in Shops now!
A Kiss from a Rose
Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel with its sweet, addictive scent is back by popular demand as a limited edition product and is NOW available in shops worldwide. Usually exclusively available online Rose Jam is now in stores for a limited time only for you to get hold of. With a vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and vitamin rich, nourishing argan oil, this shower gel is truly indulgent. People who love Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner will love this too as we use the same floral, fruity-smelling combination of Turkish rose absolute and geranium!
Where do we get our Rose?
Our Rose absolute, wax and oil is made in Senir, Turkey by a family business that have been making rose products for 4 generations. Senir is in the heart of The Valley of the Roses.
210,000,000 individual roses are used to make the 600 kg of Rose Absolute we use every year in our products! For each kilo of Rose Absolute we pay an extra 50 euros for a school on site for the children of the rose pickers. This is our way of giving back to the community in a long term sustainable way.
May is the only time you can harvest roses, and they must be picked in the morning before the sun evaporates the essential ingredients in the rose flowers to get the best quality product- an experienced picker can pick up to 50kg in one morning!
The absolute is made using solvent extraction which takes 2 hours. Roses are washed in either hexane or alcohol to extract a very dark coloured rich ingredient and rose wax, which we use in our liquid lip colours and Ultrabalm! Rose oil is lighter and extracted using steam in 30 minutes, giving it a sweet honey fragrance. Used roses are then left in the sun to ferment and turn into compost for the rose bushes.
Every year during the harvest season the family business funds a concert and family festival for the rose pickers.
Where do we get our Argan Oil?
The Berber people of Morocco have been producing Argan oil for thousands of years. It is produced from the fruit of the Argan tree, which grows naturally in the desert and mountain surrounding Agadir. Although the oil is traditionally produced by hand, the majority of Argan Oil is now produced entirely mechanically (not so for our oil).Argan trees are native only to Morocco and the trees can live up to 500 years! They can be traced back more than 20 million years.
Our Argan Oil is produced in rural Arganeraie near Agadir in Morocco. The oil is produced by the women’s cooperatives of UCFA (the Union of Women’s Cooperatives in the Arganeraie).
Between the 22 cooperatives, they are able to produce approximately 30 tonnes of Argan Oil per year. There are more cooperatives wishing to join UCFA, but new cooperatives are only accepted when more oil is re-quired than can be produced by the existing members in a year. This helps ensure that all oil produced by the cooperatives will be bought. There are certain criteria that people must meet to become members of a UCFA cooperative:• They must be female• At least 18 years old• Have knowledge or experience of producing Argan oil• Must participate in a literacy course, provided at each cooperative.

To purchase this limited edition Shower gel and many more cruelty free products visit Lush shops in the region in UAE and Lebanon. Order on-line at ( UAE) and (Lebanon).

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