Monday, 5 May 2014

Colin Firth is a big fan of ar457’s Metaserum Elixir @BasharaCare @ABeautySolution

If you think current beauty buzzword Argan oil is only for women, well… think again!

Argan oil, the beauty breakthrough of the 21st Century, has found its place amongst Hollywood’s beauty secrets, and as male grooming has reached a whole new level, even A-list male celebrities turn to this wonder oil to help keep them looking their best.  In fact, Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, who has been named Britain’s most attractive man in a poll, is a big fan of the Argan oil, particularly loving ar457 Metaserum Elixir [lyf].

A luxury skincare brand from France, ar457 has been ahead of the Argan oil trend, extracting the natural mineral from the purest source since 2003.  Colin’s favourite Argan oil product, the ar457 Metaserum Elixir [lyf], is the star of the brand’s range.  It is proven to be fast-acting and powerful, instantly providing a spectacular lift on your face and neck.  Top make-up artists often refer to the Metaserum as “beauty sleep in a bottle” as they attest that is how your skin looks after use.  It is also known to help the skin heal from environmental damage and aid in renewing itself due to a powerful complex of nutritive natural ingredients, in addition to pure Argan oil, leading to healthier younger skin.

With Argan oil as an intelligent active ingredient for ar457 products, the range is altogether suitable for all skin types.  The delicate scent of each product also makes ar457 more appealing to men compared to other brands.

The ar457 Metaserum Elixir [lyf], priced at AED 455, is available at Beauty Solutions Trading, and can be ordered by telephone on +971 4 3746950.  The product can also be purchased online at

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