Monday, 19 May 2014

@iccadubai 100% Placement for International Centre For Culinary Arts’ Graduates

ICCA’s graduates from Batch 55 have been snapped up by Atlantis The Palm Dubai and The Address Marina, as part of the centre’s Work Experience Placement (WEP) programme.

The graduation ceremony honoured 14 graduates from the Professional Programme, seven of which secured immediate job placement in leading F&B outlets including Atlantis The Palm Dubai and The Address Marina. The remaining seven chose to advance their skill set by signing up additional courses for Patisserie and Sugarcraft, as well as the Advance Diploma Program for Restaurant Management. 
The graduates were bid farewell with a feast prepared by the students and chefs at its state of the art premises in Dubai Knowledge Village. Since the launch of the WEP programme in 2005, ICCA has maintained a 100% placement for their students in the UAE hospitality and international cruise line industry. 

Sunjeh Raja, Director of the International Centre for Culinary Arts said, “We are thrilled that our students are consistently placed in their chosen work environment. We are operating here with a clear objective - to empower the workforce with skills, knowledge and the professionalism required to excel in the food service industry. This is turn drives up standards of excellence, innovation and creativity in the culinary arts. We have adopted a more collaborative practice model which focuses on strengthening relationships with the employers of tomorrow. We have aligned our culinary programmes to meet their needs, ensuring graduates have a better chance in securing employment and achieving a return on their investment.”

Delvin Swart, a graduate from batch 55, has signed his employment contract with Atlantis, The Palm Dubai to work in La Brasserie, a French restaurant and wine bar. Speaking at the graduation ceremony he said, “Choosing ICCA to start my culinary career was hands down the best decision I have made. ICCA was highly recommended to me by the General Manager of Al Qasr and I haven’t looked back since. The centre has taught us everything we need to know to start our careers in the culinary industry here, through real-life, hands on experiences, and I can’t wait to prove myself in the La Brasserie kitchens.”

Raja pointed out that ICCA’s vision is in tune with the UAE’s 2020 Vision to be one of the best culinary countries and to have the best vocational training institutions in the world. Additionally, the rapid economic growth the country is witnessing - in light of the latest win of the EXPO 2020 hosting bid – will also result in a huge demand for specialized culinary programmes and niche courses to serve the hospitality industry.

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