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@dornbracht Dornbracht adds new dimension to Bathroom designs with the introduction of modular systems and digital tools that meet individual tastes and lifestyles

Dornbracht adds new dimension to Bathroom designs with the introduction of modular systems and digital tools that meet individual tastes and lifestyles

Dornbracht, the German manufacturer of high-end fittings and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, has introduced  a new range of specialised module systems that can be assembled  for different product ranges, while expanding on digital technology in the bathroom, creating a highly personalised and tailored  experience for its users.

With individuality becoming a megatrend in architecture and interior design,  bathroom design has evolved to mirror this trend with the focus now on the individual user‘s needs and peferences. With the evolution of the bathroom from a functional space to an intimate place for relaxation and rejuvenation, its various features and zones have been introduced to match individual’s moods. Shower or bathe? Relax or rejuvenate? Gentle flow or invigorating stream? Today, bathroom design can be partitioned into different zones to suit every scenario.

The term “Sampling”  refers to the option to “mix and match“ different designs, products and features according to the indivudal needs of the user. Thanks to unified design across all of its products, Dornbracht allows for a multi-design, multi-series interplay on a modular basis. Products from different series can be combined with one another and used universally. For example, the flow spout on the Deque series foot bath, the MEM fitting on the wash stand and the towel rack by Symetrics on the wall is just one possibility among many for shaping the bathroom to suit personal needs. There are no limits to the combinations of function and design that can be achieved.

The focus on individual  rituals and activities and the creation of a space to suit these needs, has been a focus for Dornbracht for a number of years.  At Dornbracht, this approach is referred to as 'ritual architecture'. The introduction of Symetrics modular system in 2009, based on the arrangement of freely selectable items, marked the start of a new, individual understanding of bathroom architecture at Dornbracht, one that is the foundation of the sampling idea that defines its product portofolio today.

The same principle applies to the products’ functionality. Alongside conventional, mechanical controls, many applications can also be operated using new, digital controls – the Smart Tools. Water temperature and flow can be precision-controlled with a single flick of the wrist; useful pre-set settings and complex choreographies can be activated at the press of a button. The language of design behind the controls is timelessly discreet as well, whether mechanical or digital, with control dials and display switches in unobtrusive forms to fit seamlessly in an individual bathroom design.

Bathroom architecture is individualised not only through flexible sampling of series, functions and designs, but through more specific products as well. Under the heading of 'Water Modules', Dornbracht has developed new, specialised outlets that are precision-tuned to bathroom rituals and activities: for instance, a retractable faucet for shower, wash stand and foot bath enables invigorating forehead, arm, calf or thigh treatments based on the hydrotherapy approach developed by Sebastian Kneipp. A retractable, hand-held shower head with a broad water jet has been developed specially for hair washing at the wash stand. The pivoting outlet on the wash stand can be used not only for hand washing but also converts into a mouth rinse with a flick of the wrist.

Depending on the series, available finishes include chrome, platinum, platinum matte, black matte or champagne.

See www.dornbracht.com for further information

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