Thursday, 1 May 2014

@Diesel PreFall 2014

Available in all Diesel Shops across UAE end of May 2014


Inspired by Modern day heroes like Mick Jagger, Iggo Pop and Velvet Underground, the new Diesel Prefall Collection by Nicola Formichetti is tastefully designed for those with a die-hard rock‘n roll attitude. Reflecting rebel youth attitude, this collection is all about a sexy outlook with a mix of colours and graphics. The collection portrays cities such as New York and Tokyo in the 70’s and 80’s and tribes like Andy Warhol depicting the London underground scene.
Nichola Formichetti believes in real clothes for real people. Stripping down to the basic core items and creating a whole new trend is his style. He created this collection with the same creative theme for Men and Women. Graphics of animals like Crows, Moon Wolves and Leopards represent a strong and powerful attitude towards life. Colours of black, white, silver, green and RED depicting fire, along with checks and gothic fonts reflect a magical theme for the collection.
In true Diesel style, Denim and Leather are a major part of the collection. Leather now focuses on a modern biker style. 5 pocket destroyed denims, dirty denims and extreme wash are his style while Skinzee and Jogg Jeans are the ultimate iconic denim for women.
Available in all Diesel Shops across UAE end of May 2014.

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