Monday, 5 May 2014

@Fannaporter @KempinskiDubai Fann-à-Porter Gallery Launches at Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates

Gallery Announces Exhibitors for 2014/15 Featuring Host of International Artists from UAE, Jordan, France, Holland, Finland, Lebanon, Spain and Italy;
First Exhibition Features Celebrated Jordanian Artist Jordanian Artist, Potter and Sculptor Hazem Al Zubi

Fann-à-Porter, Fann being the Arabic world for art  which translates to art-to-go, has launched its intimate gallery space in Dubai with the goal of bringing a host of international talent to display their collections on a monthly basis. The gallery also displays the work of talented designers alongside the gallery’s own collection of objects d’arts.

The gallery space, located on the ground floor of the prestigious Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, provides a unique platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their works to the UAE audience and those traveling to Dubai.

“Dubai has established itself as a city where people love and appreciate art – the gallery has been launched to provide consumers with fresh and affordable pieces from some of the young  and leading contemporary artists today.  We welcome everyone to our gallery and look forward to making an impact on the exciting market by encouraging both young artists and the collectors alike. Leading artists are also featured in our art calendar giving their support and leverage to the creative youths,” said Ghada Kunash, Founder and General Manager, Fann-à-Porter.

Under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Saqer M, Al Shattal Al Nuaimee, General Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Dubai the first exhibition entitled  ‘Chanting of Earth’ , features a collection by renowned Jordanian artist Hazem Al Zubi Born in Harima, Irbid, Al Zubi graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad and went on to become the President of Jordanian Fine Artists Association and lecturer at the University of Jordan – College of Fine Arts.  He has received numerous awards for his work including,  the UNESCO Award for Art and Creativity, The Jordanian H.K. Annual Award and the Monument Award of Municipality of Amman. Over the past three decades, Al Zubi has exhibited his works globally in Kuwait, Washington, Hannover, Paris, Damascus, Cairo and Doha.  ‘Chanting of Earth’ will be shown at Fann-à-Porter until June.
Speaking about the collection of ceramic murals and bronze sculpture, comments:

‘Peoples’ mythology suggests that clay was the first to touch the hands of the gods for the formation of creatures. Clay was the first material touched by human hands to re-configure and to re-create. It was on clay tablets inscribed the first letters, the first manuscripts, the first poems and the first symbols of Sumer and Ugarit, the kingdoms of the Nabateans and the Mayans, it was on clay where they began chanting  the history of mankind.

Spread along the plains and valleys of Jordan, where the artist comes from, are pieces of pottery of all those past times, where one can discover the secrets and aesthetics of creation. The journey of artist/ potter Hazem Al Zubi is only an extension of these hands that became professional in dealing with the clay of earth, re-shaping it and recycling it to become these pieces of art that you touch with the eye, hand and heart.”

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