Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Innovative and Active Scientific Skincare Range Launches in the UAE

 Youthful skin is strived for, but can be difficult to achieve in the world we live in today. Your skin is constantly under attack by exposure to harmful external factors. The most detrimental of these include solar UV radiation, harsh climatic conditions, free radicals and stress,
each affecting the condition of your skin, which ultimately gives way to the visible signs of ageing.

So, how can you find the correct environment to allow your skin optimal cellular functioning? Where can you see results of physiologically more youthful skin? Of course, the answer lies with your skin needing daily rehabilitation...

...and OPTIPHI®

The science behind skincare brand OPTIPHI® lies in visible skin rejuvenation through Cellular Optimization, a process known as Positive Homeostatic Influence or PHI. Homeostasis is at the heart of OPTIPHI®, helping your skin regain its natural balance and allowing cells to be revitalized. Developed in South Africa, the phenomenal OPTIPHI® range contains a synergy of actives that promote homeostatic balance, address skin concerns and ensure a youthful appearance.

OPTIPHI’s® thoughtfully chosen active ingredients do exactly what your core PHI dictates, improving the youthfulness of your skin and reinstating balance. In addition, OPTIPHI® products are designed to prevent further damaging effects ongoing.

The OPTIPHI® anti-aging skincare regime is designed to affect, improve and enhance the appearance of your skin- targeting the 7 signs of aging.

The ‘Active’ range consists of 4 skin rejuvenating philosophies: Cleanse, Activate, Revitalize and Control.

Cleansing is vital to purify your skin and the OPTIPHI® Facial Cleanser will remove impurities without disturbing your skin’s integrity. Combined with the OPTIPHI® Muslin Cloth – the result will be a smooth, refined skin texture.

The 3 Activegels are light and draw rapidly into your skin without leaving residue. They are targeted treatment serums designed to improve fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around your eye-area, protect against signs of aging - stimulating dermal processes and calming symptoms caused by free radicals and UV exposure.

The backbone of the OPTIPHI® range are the Revitalizers – designed to target the visible signs of ageing with well-researched concentrations of actives and the golden standard in anti-aging - retinol. They visibly restore your skin’s youth, re-build your skin and protect from sun damage with powerful anti-oxidants.

The award-winning Control Creams are designed to nourish, hydrate and promote optimal functioning of your skin. Pigmentation concerns are addressed with the Complexion Control; and wrinkles will decrease -  you will find improved elasticity and a radiant, plump skin appearance.

The Active products in the range complement one another in perfect harmony, and are unique – addressing varied cellular skin mechanisms.   

The ‘Canvas’ range is also available from OPTIPHI® to protect, set and perfect your skin consisting of a sun protection cream and a flawless finish primer – perfect to enhance natural radiance.
From December 2013, you can find the full range of retail and professional OPTIPHI® products in the UAE at Kalm Holistic Beauty on The Palm, and  Additional spas, salons and medical practices across the UAE will be announced in early 2014.

Age gracefully and defy the signs of aging with revitalizing OPTIPHI®. Visit for more information.  

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