Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Power Shack is now at Gold’s Gym UAE @goldsgym_uae

An Al Ahli Holding Group product innovation

Fitness enthusiasts at Gold’s Gym UAE can now quench their thirst and hunger after  vigorous workout sessions at the gym’s very own in-house Juice Bar. A novel concept completely initiated and managed by the Al Ahli Holding Group - patron to Gold’s Gym UAE, The Power Shack will be the new Juice Bar available at Gold’s Gym UAE. Currently available at Etihad Classic club in Al Khawaneej, this invigorating and healthy Juice Bar will be accessible at all Gold’s Gym clubs soon.
Mr. Naveen Bahri, F&B Manager, Al Ahli Holding Group says, “The Power Shack does not contain any harmful ingredients but only provides fresh fruit juices on site for Gold’s Gym UAE members to replenish and revive their body after a strenuous workout.” He adds on to say, “We only use fruits both fresh and frozen without any added sugar. The Power Shack serves to offer healthy drinks to inculcate a habit of consuming more fruits in a ready-to-drink form.  Including fruits in your diet adds a myriad health benefits - avocado contains Monounsaturated Fat (MUFA) which helps in weight loss, reduces cholesterol levels and even helps do away your belly fat issues.
Mr. Nitesh Seebran, Chief of Operations, Gold’s Gym UAE says,

We continue to keep our members satisfied with the best equipment and the best training and of course healthy food cannot be ignored. With Power Shack, our members can now have healthy and fresh drinks and we are glad we have brought this brand to all our clubs.”

The Power Shack can also be consumed by a lactose intolerant person or anyone allergic to dairy products, as it uses substitutes like soy milk and coconut cream. Introduced for the first time in Dubai and in Gold’s Gym UAE clubs, The Power Shack hopes to further the aim of leading a healthy life style and building a better body. It provides a range of fresh fruit juices, mixed fruit juices and dairy blends.

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