Monday, 9 December 2013

@roubaz Lebanese-born Jazz & Soul Singer Rouba Releases Her Debut Album ‘Mama’s Back’

Lebanese-born Jazz & Soul Singer Rouba Releases Her Debut Album ‘Mama’s Back’

The Dubai-Based Singer / Songwriter makes her debut at Rolling Stone ME’s Fourth Anniversary

Rouba – Lebanese-born soul singer released her debut album “Mama’s Back” this week. The all-English album, which was produced in Los Angeles with music producer Joe Kennedy was launched during Rolling Stone Magazine’s fourth anniversary celebration at Bluebar in Dubai.

“I began working on this album five years ago and it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get this far without the support of a record label,” explains Rouba, “I certainly feel empowered to live in an era during which independent artists can produce their own music without the need to wait for big labels to intervene in the process!”

With close to 80,000 channel views on her YouTube channel and 18,000 fans on her Facebook page, Rouba’s music is slowly spreading to audiences in the region and the world, “I think social media is amazing and thoroughly enjoy engaging with fans online,” says the 38-year-old mother of 2, “Though I started singing at a very young age, I only mustered up the courage to pursue a career in music now and the more difficult it gets, the more determined I am to fight through. Being a mother has not in any way deterred me from my target, if anything it has strengthened my resolve because it is important for me to show my kids that following your passion in life is key to true happiness and the only way I can make them believe this is if I lead by example!”

The album is a fine example of global networking, Rouba recorded her vocals at TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi whilst the music production was done entirely in the United States with producer Joe Kennedy who has worked with the likes of Macy Gray.

A PR veteran with a career spanning more than 17 years, Rouba has happily left the corporate world behind her to fulfill her passion for music - a decision that she found liberating.

To watch some of Rouba’s videos and listen to her music please visit:

The full album is distributed by MusicBox across all music stores include Virgin Megastores in the UAE. It is also available for digital download in all online music stores. 

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