Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Ultimate Treat For Your Tresses @Kelly_Van_Gogh

The Ultimate Treat For Your Tresses

Kelly Van Gogh’s luxury hair shampoo & conditioner for all hair types

Just as the shine on your shoes says a lot about you, the shine of your hair can give you the right amount of flair. Taking the correct action towards giving your locks the ultimate strength and protection should be high on your list of priorities, and added shine and bounce will be an added bonus. From the most naturally cared for to treated, permed and dried out hair, put moisture and nutrients into your crown and glory today.

So, why not start with world renowned colourist and beauty entrepreneur, Kelly Van Gogh, and her very own shampoo and conditioner? You can achieve salon greatness from the comfort of your own home!

Famed for the home colouring treatment Masterblend™ Luxury Multi-Dimensional Hair Colouring, Kelly Van Gogh’s Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner will add a generous silky texture to all hair types. From dry and damaged, to oily and greasy, to coloured and permed, to normal, this luxurious shampoo and conditioner will enhance your hair, whatever condition it is currently in. If your hair is damaged, allow these Kelly Van Gogh products to fix it... and if your hair is in good healthy condition, imagine how even more radiant your locks will be overnight!

The desert environment does take its toll on your body and your hair is one of the most commonly affected areas. This rich seriously glamorous and highly concentrated blend of Kelly Van Gogh patented caviar oil, vital amino acids, keratin protein and mica shine technology, gently cleanses whilst removing environmental stressors and guarantees lasting stunning hair colour. The Kelly Van Gogh range will protect hair colour from its five worst enemies; Styling Heat, Bad Water, UV Rays, Air Pollution and Dryness. With a signature fragrance of delicious Jasmine and Rose, and a blend of luxury and technology, your hair will be protected and then replenished with the proteins and nutrients that every hair type craves.  

So, give your hair the ultimate care, protection, colour and shine all together, with Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner from Kelly Van Gogh.

The superstar shine of Kelly Van Gogh products are available at Bloomingdales Dubai, Make up Etc in Palm Strip Mall Jumeirah and online at Glambox.me and Zanedo.com.

The KELLY VAN GOGH product range is priced as follows:

·           Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo, AED 90
·           Colour Protecting Caviar Conditioner, AED 100

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