Sunday, 22 December 2013

@Prestat Prestat Chocolates: the truffles and chocolates of the merry season!

Following their launch in late November, Prestat Chocolates, appointed Purveyor of Chocolates to Her Majesty The Queen of the United Kingdom, is your most creative friend for the merry season ahead. Whether as a wrapped up gift or a small token to bring with you to that Christmas dinner, Prestats truffles and chocolates are a perfect choice.

Ahmad Alsawaleh, Business Development Manager for OBS Group, talked about the season and Prestats place in it: With the holidays kicking in, everyone is buying gifts all over the place, and with those gifts come the most festive and tastiest of presents: chocolates and truffles. They are staple every December, and with Prestat Chocolates colourful and playful look and feel, it is the perfect gift and accompaniment to any mistletoe gathering. Come together over a box of the classic and perfected Praline Truffle that will give you that wonderful sensation of standing under a mistletoe, or Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, a luscious mix of sea salt caramel and exquisite dark chocolate, or go the exotic way and savour the Banoffee Truffle, a flavourful medley of banana with hints of coffee (or, as the box says, a whisper of coffee) .

Prestat Chocolates is one of the most loved fine chocolate brands in the UK, found in high-end department stores, gourmet food halls, delicatessens, lifestyle stores, and travel retail outlets, as well as top-end supermarkets. They are bestsellers at Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, John Lewis, and Waitrose.

Oftentimes the festive and celebratory handcrafted chocolate, Prestat Chocolates is renown for their truffles, having been founded in 1902 by the family that created the chocolate truffle in 1895. Today, in their second century, they still live up to this spirit of cheer and merriment and the love of chocolate. It was not from nothing that Roald Dahl, the genius behind Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, found inspiration for several of his master pieces from Prestat Chocolates, most notably making Prestat truffles the centrepiece of his novel My Uncle Oswald.

Alsawaleh added: Prestat Chocolates packaging is geared towards gifting and presentation, but it is also about the enjoyment that is put into making the handcraft bars and truffles, the real celebration of the naughtiness and joyousness that we experience when we bite into a Prestat truffle, the yumminess and richness of the chocolates, and the playfulness that the diversity of options brings to us, as consumers. When Kitty Arden executed Nick Creans idea for the design, she was thinking of how good every bite tasted, and she let the flavour envelope her, translating it into the colours and swirls on the box.

Dark Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, Banoffee Truffles, and Milk Chocolate Praline Truffles are on sale at Lafayette Gourment The Dubai Mall alongside the vast and infamous collection of Prestat chocolates. 

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