Wednesday, 18 December 2013

UAE jet ski star claims top five place

A range of new jumps and tricks helped propel the UAE freestyle jet ski champion to a top five finish at the prestigious King’s Cup World Grand Prix competition in Thailand.

Khalid Salem Al Qubaisi, now training again in Abu Dhabi after flying back from the event, revealed he had taken the new approach to try and push himself back into the world’s elite.
“There were more than 40 nations competing for the King’s Cup so it was always going to be very tough,” said Khalid, who works for IPIC in Abu Dhabi.
“That is why I had to try new things – from making higher jumps to putting in more reverse high turns. It worked out well and secured me that top five finish and a nice trophy.
“But the aim in 2014 is to go even better and win some of the bigger competitions around the world.”
Khalid, 33, is sponsored by his employers, IPIC, and fits in training sessions both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with free time in the week and throughout the weekend.
On the horizon in 2014 is the defence of his UAE title, competitions in the rest of the region and another attempt at world championship glory.
“With jet ski competition you have to push yourself all the time as everybody is always trying new tricks and jumps to make them number one,” he added.
“I have some fantastic conditions in the UAE to train in and also the backing of my friends, family and colleagues.

“This top five finish has given me more confidence for 2014 and I cannot wait to get back competing out on the water against the very best the sport has to offer.”    

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