Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center Draws More Participants this Year from UAE and GCC Countries

Fazza Championships for Falconry witnesses Searing Competition with Gear Tebha Category

Organized by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, the ongoing Fazza Championships for Falconry kicked off yesterday with the Gear Tebha Jirnas - Sheikhs category’. The championships are set to continue in the allocated Falconry grounds in Ruwayyah along Emirates road.

Ten participants were qualified from a large group of Gear Falcons crossing the speed race 400m distance in smashing time.
Fazza Championship for Falconry has witnessed major growth over the years, both in size and organization. This year, the registration system of falcons was made a lot easier with bigger and better reception area, more services and a marked improvement in the technical aspects and speed measurement.    
Winners of the Category
Amid searing competition, Group NAS (Nad Al Shiba Group) earned the first place in 18:310 sec, second place went to Group NAS as well with a speed of 18:918 sec, third place also went to Group NAS with speed score of 19:080 sec, fourth place went to Zabeel Falcons in a speed of 19:15 sec, fifth place went to NAS H with a speed score of 19:336 sec, sixth place went to Wadha Hilal Saif Saeed Al Shaddy scoring a speed of 19:370 sec, seventh place went to Group NAS scoring a speed of 19:438 sec, eighth place went to Zabeel Falcons with speed score of 19:482 sec, ninth place went to Group NAS with a speed score of 19:722 sec and the tenth place went to Al Ain Falcons with a speed score of 20:095 sec.
Better Organization Every Year
“Each year the competition becomes better, both in terms of the facilities provided, and in terms of the people taking part. I’ve found that every year the organizers from Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center amaze the competitors by doing things that are unexpected. I’m thankful for the effort that is put in to the competition, the development of it each year, and this makes me very happy to be a part of it. Over the six or seven years that I’ve been competing the organisers have been putting more and more effort into making the competition a bigger, better known event in the UAE. Each year is better than the next” said Helal Saif El Shedy – one of the Falconers.
Provision of Better Services over the Years
“There are no negative attributes to this year as a lot of people who are coming here have everything made readily available to them. They even come and ask us if there is anything that can be done to better the competition. They want our feedback to make it a better overall experience. This is the strongest year for the Hamdan bin mohammed heritage center since the competition started. Many of us feel very well looked after and as though there is a lot of care for the falconers” said Ali Shakhbot El Kaby – Supporter of the sport and his old team NAS with which he used to be a Falconer.
More than a 100 participant this year
 “This year has been different to the previous years because the tent that is being used now is a lot better and facilities are excellent. Registering the falcons is easier than previous years as well. It is a lot better organized and this makes it easier for more people to take part. New judges are now working alongside more experienced judges so that the new judges can learn from the older members of the championships committee. This means that the new judges can gain valuable judging experience and allow for more people to become involved in the sport and share the experience” said Ahmad Bin Ali from the Judging Committee.

“There are approximately 20 judges, with a mix of experiences in judging falconry competitions. There are a lot of competitors coming from other countries, mainly Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, and other countries from the GCC, with the number of participants this year being over 100 people” he added.

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