Sunday, 22 December 2013

More Relaxing with More Massages @TheCureBeauty

** The Cure’s January Offer - 2 For 1 On All Massages **

When there aren’t enough hours in the day, when you feel like you have to be in two places at once, and when that deadline is looming over you like a dark shadow, there is only one cure...a massage. It is so important to relax and take care of your own wellbeing, and just taking a little tim

e out for a massage can ease even the most difficult of stresses.

The Cure Wellness & Beauty Lounge would like to offer you a very special January surprise. Start your New Year by relaxing and de-stressing, and enter into a happier, healthier chapter with a wonderful 2 for 1 offer on ALL massages.

Available at both the Media City and Green Community branches of The Cure, why not share the experience of a massage with your friend? Or maybe you would like to treat your mum or your sister and let them join you in relaxing? If you want to enjoy your massage and save the free session for another time, that is absolutely fine, too! Simply purchase your massage during the month of January and you will get your second massage free to use immediately or at a later date.

Massages come in all varieties to suit all individual needs, so what can you choose from?

Back Massage - Especially created for the busy working professional to ease away tensions common with frequent computer use and sitting as a desk all day.

Full Body Swedish Massage - A true Zen experience relieving tightness in all major muscle groups, works miracles for fatigue and tension and increases blood flow.
Full Body Sports Massage - Your first class ticket to a peak performance! An intense and deep tissue massage that attacks those stubborn sports aches and pains.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage - Heated basalt stones soothe, relax and detoxify your body resulting in serene healing. Melt away and embrace this wonderful massage.

Allow your stresses to be left behind in 2013 with The Cure’s January Promotion!

For further information and to purchase a 2 for 1 massage, call The Cure Media City +971 4 3916485 or The Cure Green Community  +971 050 882 46 00 or simply visit

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