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@CNNprUK @alo_oficial Fernando Alonso tells CNN’s ‘The Circuit’: “I am hungry for victories…two Championships is not enough.”

In a profile feature on CNN’s ‘The Circuit’  to be broadcast on CNN International Saturday 19th April, Formula 1 driver and two time World Champion, Fernando Alonso, talks about his relationship with Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen, memories of his first Grand Prix and winning more Formula 1 championships.
“…I never thought to become Formula 1 driver, I never thought to win one Grand Prix so I was thinking not sure to win two championships….I'm extremely proud and extremely happy with my career. If you ask me right now and I am in a middle of a competition, I am hungry for victories; hungry for success I will tell you that two championships are not enough.“
Speaking about Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso says:
I think he’s very talented so that is a huge help and a huge motivation for myself first and also for the team because the team knows it has to deliver a good car because Kimi will deliver a good result.”

He goes on to say that the rivalry between F1 teammates is exaggerated:
“I think from the outside it’s always exaggerated how the relationships between teammates are. It’s true that you should beat your teammate to have a better reputation or to have a better result in that weekend. But believe me when we are in a meeting or a debrief after a race, people should see the atmosphere… that is inside the team. There are zero problems, there are only good things or positive things…helpful comments from the other driver. There’s a huge communication and a huge teamwork despite what you read or what you see from the outside.”

Asked about what the key moments in his career have been, Alonso says:
“The first one probably has been in 94 where I was the Spanish champion and that is probably the first time that I felt something proud a bit and some achievement that I was happy.”

He also tells CNN about his nerve wracking first Grand Prix:
“My first Grand Prix- clear memory. I didn't know what to touch in the steering wheel. I arrive in my first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia with Minardi team and we did not have any pre-season test because the car was not ready…they explained briefly what the steering wheel was, buttons obviously to press… and then I remember going out from the garage, going to the pit-lane and it was a red light lane. At the end all the cars were queuing there and I arrived and there was a panic moment because I did not know what was the neutral button, and I was trying to find the neutral button- and I had one second or I would crash with someone.”

Reflecting on the sport of Formula 1, Alonso speaks about the sport’s importance in his life and the lives of other F1 drivers:
“Formula One…that's the main engine of our life, the passion…there is something that keeps you alive…and without driving those cars, you won't enjoy your life probably…You arrive in Formula 1, you win the world championship- that’s it. It’s your dream come true. It’s enough for your whole life probably.”

credit “CNN’s The Circuit”

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