Monday, 28 April 2014

@Toyota_UAE Toyota exhibits Smart Taxi technology @RTA

Al-Futtaim Motors, a key supporter of the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition

Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, is showcasing its Hybrid Smart Taxi technology at the Middle East and North Africa Transport Congress and Exhibition through the 2014 Hybrid Camry Smart Taxi project.
Organized by The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) in collaboration with the Dubai Roads and Transport and Authority (RTA), the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition is being held at the Dubai World Trade Center from April 27th to 30th 2014. 
At its 96 sqm stand, Al-Futtaim Motors will showcase a Hybrid Camry Smart Taxi, along with a cut-through model of the Toyota Prius, the most popular Hybrid car brand globally.

The Hybrid Camry Smart Taxis features GPS navigation installed with the latest Dubai maps and a Taxi dispatch system that allows the driver to receive orders from the call centre, directly on the screen with the exact location of the customer. The vehicles are also fitted with an integrated meter, and a Wi-fi router that provides high speed internet to the passengers, in addition to a multi-function car reader that reads NOL or other payment cards, and can also swipe traditional credit cards.
Jon Williams, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Motors said: “This event’s slogan is Grow Your City with Public Transport. We are very thankful to RTA, our long-term partners, for giving us the opportunity to take part in the growth of this nation’s mobility, being the largest supplier of public transport vehicles in the UAE.”
For many decades Al-Futtaim Motors has been playing a dynamic role in the UAE public transport sector due to Toyota’s strong reputation in the industry. Synonymous with quality, reliability and durability, Toyota vehicles offer low total cost of ownership and high resale value thanks to their fuel efficiency and great after sales service, characteristics that make them number one choice for fleet operators.
In 2013, Al-Futtaim Motors introduced Hybrid Camry to the UAE fleet market and adapted the vehicles to the needs of Dubai Taxi Corporation. With the introduction of Hybrid Toyota vehicles to the market, the demand for sustainable mobility is expected to grow in the coming few years due to the several financial and environmental benefits that these cars offer.
Being a key promoter of innovation within the industry, the congress will tackle issues such as connecting the GCC countries, building revolutionary metro networks and creating a competitive regional freight network, while sharing world class practices and standards.

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