Wednesday, 23 April 2014

@HEssentials Travel with Care - All Natural and Holistic Holiday Must Haves From Herbline Essentials

The time to travel is drawing near and getting out of the city is your top priority. You need a well earned break, a catch up with friends and family, or maybe you’re ready to sample somewhere new. When travelling, you need to have essentials with you to make your trip happier, healthier and of course, easier. 

Herbline Essentials, the award winning all natural Ayurvedic skin and hair care brand is homegrown here in the UAE. It has over 30 products in its range, many essential for your travels and all using 100% organic ingredients for ultimate care and protection as you venture to pastures old and new.

To start with, the Herbline Essentials’ Sun Screen SPF 40 (AED 109) is an absolute must have. Formulated with holistic ingredients making it safe for your face and body, it features an organic compound for UV-B absorption.

Of course, a day in the sun also needs an after sun lotion to keep your skin hydrated. Made from 95% Aloe Vera juice, the Hydra 5 Gel (AED 129) is a soothing gel that provides deep moisturising action that helps seal moisture in for a longer lasting effect. In addition, it also can be used effectively to calm skin after waxing or shaving.

When travelling, especially flying, your skin can get deprived of fresh air and nutrients. So refresh with the Rose and Cucumber Skin Tonic (AED 105) that cools and softens tired skin. Did you know that cucumber helps to keep skin looking youthful and healthy? Available in a perfect travel size, this is your ultimate travel tonic!

Lip Balm is a handbag essential. Lips can dry out and become inflamed with travel and a change of climate. Providing SPF 15, the Herbline Essentials Lip Balm (AED 33) seals in moisture and protects lips from sunlight, dirt and pollutants. Made with natural fruit oils, this balm is delicious and promotes rejuvenation of the cells. 

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