Sunday, 13 April 2014

@PureFitnessUAE BOX Your Way to Beauty with Pure Fitness

** New Pure Programme Launches 20th April **

We all know that in order to lead a healthy life, we need to try and exercise on a regular basis. The only problem is however, that treadmills and weight machines can get so boring and leave you feeling unmotivated. With PURE Fitness’s exciting new PURE BOX class you will be taught to pack a punch, leaving you with no more excuses for not hitting the gym!

This exciting and energetic new class from Dubai’s favourite ladies fitness company is exactly what it sounds like... Purely boxing! For a whole hour, you get to punch, kick and fight your way to fitness. There is no better way to get your body into tip-top (and toned) shape.

Using kicking and punching as a form of exercise has many positive benefits - if it is done correctly and in a safe environment, of course! You will see your stress levels rapidly reduced after just one session, while your personal confidence will begin to soar and most of all you’ll notice it in your core as all the boxing moves strengthen, tone and shape your abdominal area. The endorphins released through your body whilst kicking will naturally lift your mood and as you sweat out toxins and get your heart racing, you will experience an incredible energy boost. You will be surprised at how your co-ordination and posture will improve too!

Open to all levels of fitness, the PURE Fitness instructors are highly qualified and extremely motivating. You can box your way through the class at your own pace, and with expert supervision and assistance you will begin to master the technique in no time, allowing you to push yourself harder as you get fitter.

You can enjoy PURE BOX at the James & Alex Dance Studios in Media City every Sunday morning at 8.30am. Classes are for adults only and cost just AED 50 per class. Classes start on 20th April 2014.

PURE Fitness has created this class to be safe, practical and a great way to assist weight loss programmes. Super Mums, Catherine Williams and Elaine Luck are the ladies who will be leading you through each PURE BOX class, using their knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness to help you make the most of each session! Visit for further details. 

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