Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Say Goodbye to Ageing @humanandkind

Say Goodbye to Ageing

Human+Kind, the skincare brand with a conscience,
brings you Age Spot Remover

The presence of age spots, wrinkles and blemishes is one of nature’s signs that we are getting older. We will try many things in a bid to look younger, but an all-natural solution, such as Human+Kind’s latest product, Age Spot Remover is the by far the best option.

An excellent moisturiser, Age Spot Remover is made from a mixture of all-natural active ingredients and extracts, and will reduce the appearance of age spots and unwanted wrinkles, as well as evening skin tone.

Aloe Vera reduces scars and contains wound healing properties, as well as being a soothing and effective moisturising agent. Avocado Oil, is excellent for reducing age spots and healing sun damaged skin. Shea Butter extracts help to regenerate skin and contain anti-inflammatory properties. Crambe Abysinnica Seed Oil, rich in Omega 9, deeply nourishes skin, and Sunflower Oil smoothes wrinkles and traps moisture inside the skin cells as well as providing Vitamin E. Flower extract from the Hibiscus inhibits elastic degradation, and Mulberry Bark Extract will naturally enhance the whitening effect on skin. Lastly, Cucumber Extract, will soothe, tone and tighten skin, keeping moisture locked in.
Age Spot Remover and all Human+Kind’s latest products are on sale in the UAE, at the following outlets: Boots, Marina Pharmacy, United Pharmacy, Organic Foods & Café, Make Up Etc. in Palm Strip Mall Jumeirah, The Change Initiative and Down To Earth, as well as online through Glambox.me & Zanedo.com.  All-in-one Age Spot Remover, 50ml, retails at AED 85.

To learn more about the story of the Human+Kind brand, log on to http://www.humanandkind.com

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